Are Probiotics like a Colon Cleanse?

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As wonderful as probiotics are, some things about them are confusing. Probiotics are great for keeping your digestion running smoothly and boosting your immune system. They help keep too much “bad” bacteria from wreaking havoc on your body. And since they help regulate digestion and populate your digestive system with “good” bacteria, people may wonder if probiotics are like a colon cleanse.

When you think of a colon cleanse, you probably think of a procedure in a doctor’s office. Or maybe a colon cleanse that you administer to yourself at home with an over-the-counter cleansing agent. Either way, colon cleanses are designed to help flush toxins and fecal matter out of your body. When this happens, the “good” bacteria of the probiotics get flushed out along with the “bad” bacteria. So while probiotics help keep us healthy, they do not actually work as a colon cleanse. However, since there can be an imbalance of bacteria after a cleanse, taking probiotics will help get your system back on track again.

Although food combining doesn’t act as a colon cleanse either, it can have other amazing health benefits. Food combining will show you why eating a pot roast and potatoes in the same meal is not a good idea. It’s because it makes your stomach produce acids and enzymes that fight against each other in your stomach. The result of this? Heartburn, IBS, gas, bloating and feeling miserable!

Food combining will change all of that. You’ll learn how to eat to keep your stomach and colon in good working order, and fill up on nutritious, unprocessed foods. Food combining will show you how to banish bad eating habits, stay healthy and feel great. Even if you have an IBD, food combining can help banish it. Try it for yourself and in as little as 24 hours you will feel better than ever.

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