Are Probiotics Safe?

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So you started taking probiotics a week ago, and you love it. You haven’t had any heartburn or gas, and not a bit of bloating. You’re feeling healthier than ever. Maybe it’s time for you to start using food combining too, to make sure that you have optimal digestive health and cut your risks of having heartburn or IBS. You tell a co-worker about your probiotics and how good you feel, and he or she looks at you and says: “well, that’s great, but are probiotics safe?”

Yes. Probiotics are actually one of the safest supplements you can take. Even if you are pregnant or want to give them to your child, probiotics are still safe. It is almost impossible to overdose on them because your body will not store excess probiotics and let them build up. The “good” bacteria exist in a certain amount to balance your digestive system, not to overrun it. Newborns and adult alike can take them safely. However, there are certain individuals who should not take them, such as people with weakened immune systems and people with an artificial heart valve. In these people there is a chance probiotics could cause sepsis, a serious infection that can occur if probiotics spread to the blood. This condition is rare among most healthy individuals, however, even children and infants.

Now that you know your probiotics are safe, why not try using them along with food combining? Food combining is a way of eating that emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods eaten in particular combinations to avoid digestive ailments such as gas, diarrhea and even IBS. If you think it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. Learning the right combinations of foods to eat is easy, and once you’ve started it won’t take long to get the hang of it. If you think taking probiotics makes you feel good, see what a difference using food combining will make!

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