Can Gastritis Be Cured?

Whether you have mild or severe symptoms, gastritis can be a painful condition with many distressing digestive side effects. Although it can be short-lived, untreated gastritis can cause ulcers, blood loss, and increases the risk of stomach cancer. If you suffer from this condition, chances are you have been wondering what you can do to get better and prevent gastritis from reoccurring. The good news is that gastritis can be treated, and even cured, through a diet of healthy, non-processed foods and food combining.

Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. This inflammation occurs when the protective layer of your stomach becomes damaged or weakened. Your stomach has a mucus-lined barrier that protects the wall from the digestive juices. These juices contain strong acids that aid in breaking food down for absorption and digestion. When there is a weakness in the barrier, these digestive juices will damage and inflame your stomach lining.

Many things can cause gastritis, including excessive alcohol consumption and stress. It is also caused by chronic vomiting such as with bulimics and overuse of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Other causes include an infection of helicobacter pylori bacteria, bile reflux, and pernicious anemia. Infections from other bacteria or viruses can also result in gastritis.

Not everyone who has gastritis has symptoms. In fact, many people with the condition never experience a single one. For those that do, there are a wide range of symptoms. The most common ones are indigestion, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or bloating, hiccups, vomiting a black coffee-ground-like material and black, tarry-looking stools.

Treatment for gastritis may include antibiotics for cases caused by infections. A proton pump inhibitor may be prescribed to block stomach acid production. Medications that reduce acid production, called histamine blockers, may be recommended as well. While all of these types of medications may help treat gastritis, they do not address the root cause in the excess stomach acid, which is your diet.

What your doctor should tell you, but may not, is that the foods you eat and how you eat them play a significant part in whether or not you experience acid indigestion and heartburn. Foods that are fried, spicy, or high in fat are one of the biggest causes of upset stomach and digestive disorders. These foods, usually eaten together, increase the amount of acid your stomach must produce to digest them. The increased acid puts extra strain on the protective lining of your stomach, and can contribute to the weakening of the lining. By avoiding these foods and using food combining, gastritis can be cured and never flare up again.

Food combining is a way of healthy eating that promotes good digestion. When you mix the types of foods you eat in bad combinations, such as eating protein with starches, your body has to produce different types of digestive enzymes to handle it. These different enzymes work against each other, resulting in you feeling bloated and sick and experiencing frequent indigestion or constipation.

But when you eat the right combinations, such as eating dairy with non-starchy vegetables or eating sugars and proteins at different meals, everything will digest in harmony and your gastritis will quickly disappear. You’ll feel great and symptoms like acid indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and bloating will be a thing of the past. Start using food combining today for a healthier tomorrow.

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