Can I Live a Normal Life with Ulcerative Colitis?

Although ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease, the symptoms can strike without much warning. The abdominal cramps and diarrhea that accompany the disease are often painful and embarrassing. When the symptoms are active they can remain that way for weeks or even months. However, there are effective therapies for treating the disease. Ulcerative colitis currently has no known cure, but with treatment it usually goes into remission for months or years, allowing people who have the disease to lead a happy, productive life.

Medication can help treat the worst of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. There are two different main types of medications used to treat the disease: anti-inflammatory drugs and immune suppressors. Anti-inflammatory drugs work by reducing the amount of inflammation in the colon and rectum, thereby reducing the symptoms that occur with a flare-up. Immune suppressors help to prevent the immune system from reacting to a virus or bacteria, or from an abnormal reaction. By suppressing the immune response, inflammation does not occur. A combination of these drugs is usually prescribed to patients and can successfully prevent or alleviate symptoms for most people who have ulcerative colitis.

Changes to diet are another treatment that helps people with ulcerative colitis lead a fulfilling life. Ulcerative colitis has trigger foods: foods that are widely known to aggravate symptoms in sufferers. Fried, greasy foods are some of the biggest culprits, as are spicy and high-fiber foods. For some people, raw fruits and vegetables and legumes can set symptoms off because of their skins and high fiber content. Alcohol can irritate the lining of the stomach, and the caffeine in coffee and soda is a strong stimulant that exacerbates cramps for some people with the disease. By avoiding or reducing these trigger foods and making changes to what you eat, you will eliminate a lot of potential triggers and the ulcerative colitis will remain in remission longer, allowing you to live an enjoyable life.

One of the best ways to lead the most normal life possible when you suffer from ulcerative colitis is to adapt better eating habits through food combining. Food combining is more than just eating certain foods together. It is a system that helps your stomach digest food easily and smoothly by teaching you why certain foods are best eaten by themselves, such as fruit. It also explains why after eating a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast you end up feeling greasy and sick. Your body was not meant to process starch and protein together.

When you follow the teachings of food combining, your stomach will only need to produce one type of enzyme to digest your food. This allows your stomach to work without the strain and stress that excessive acids produce. Symptoms such as heartburn, painful bloating, gas and abdominal cramps will disappear. This will also help keep your ulcerative colitis in remission and ease symptoms. Try food combining and experience how it will help you keep optimal digestive health.

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