Can Probiotics Be Given to Children?

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Denise, mother of a four-year-old, had a quandary. Her son, Ben, loved to watch her eat her probiotic yogurt every day. Denise ate the yogurt as part of a routine that also included food combining to help keep her IBS from coming back. Ben didn’t know anything about food combining, but he thought the yogurt looked yummy and every day he would plead with Denise to let him eat some. Denise was glad he wanted to eat something healthier than candy, but she didn’t know if it was OK. She didn’t have the answer to the question: can probiotics be given to children?

Lucky for Denise, she found out the answer is yes. Probiotics can strengthen a child’s immune system and help prevent and treat diarrhea just like it can for an adult. The best way to determine the best type of probiotic for your child is to ask your child’s pediatrician. The doctor can recommend a specific brand that is a good probiotic for children. Probiotics can also be found in children’s drinkable yogurt. As with an adult, however, if your child has a weak immune system caused by a medical condition, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. In these particular cases taking probiotics is not advisable.

If you suffer from IBS, chronic diarrhea or frequent heartburn, you may want to consider food combining. Food combining is an easy system for eating that is safe for your entire family. Or you can practice it yourself. When you use food combining, you’re eating more natural foods and less processed foods. You also eat all your food in specific combinations. Why? Because eating foods that use the same types of acids or enzymes to digest makes digestion easier because your stomach produces less acid. Less acid means less irritation and heartburn. It also means everything runs smoothly in your digestive tract. If you’ve despaired of banishing bloating, gas or a digestive disorder, try food combining today and feel what a difference it will make in your stomach and your life.

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