Can Probiotics Cause Gas and Bloating?

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Leah was confused. She’d started taking probiotics because one of her friends told her it would help her “good” bacteria to balance her digestive system. Leah occasionally had bouts of diarrhea and thought that probiotics might help. Just a few days after she started the probiotics, however, she started experiencing gas. She also felt bloated despite being vigilant with food combining.

She decided to call her friend Marie and ask her: can probiotics cause gas and bloating?

The answer is yes: probiotics can cause gas and bloating. While probiotics usually help stop gas and bloating, there are a few circumstances under which they can cause it as well. Probiotics populate your digestive tract with “good” bacteria. However, even though they are “good” for your body, they are still bacteria. Bacteria eat sugars for energy, which causes gas. An abundance of gas trapped in your body will cause bloating.

Another way probiotics can cause gas and bloating is if you are lactose intolerant. Some probiotics contain lactose. If you are lactose intolerant, your body can’t break the lactose down to digest it. Lactose that can’t break down can cause gas and bloating. The good news here is that you can take a lactase supplement that will help prevent this from happening.

One way you can help reduce the risk of having gas or bloating from probiotics is to practice food combining. This simple technique of eating the right combinations of foods will help treat anything from bloating to inflammatory bowel disease. It keeps the enzymes and acids in your stomach in balance because you are not producing two opposing types at once.

Food combining is simple and you don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand how it use it. When you start you will experience fast relief, often in just 24 hours. Say hello to food combining and say goodbye to gas, heartburn and upset stomachs for good.

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