Can Probiotics Cause Heartburn and Fever Blisters?

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Probiotics are a natural, gentle way to treat digestive system problems such as diarrhea. They are also excellent for bolstering the immune system and preventing certain types of infections. But maybe you have heard that they can cause some unusual symptoms and are wondering if it is true. Can probiotics, for example, cause heartburn and fever blisters?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. While it is rare for probiotics to cause heartburn or fever blisters, they can. There are a few reasons why this might happen. One is that taking a lot of probiotics too quickly can cause an overcolonization in your intestines. Even though probiotics are “good” bacteria, they are still bacteria and can cause side effects. If there is an overcolonization, an infection can occur. This infection can cause heartburn and other digestive symptoms and possibly trigger a flare-up of the herpes simplex virus that causes fever blisters to form.

Overstimulation is another possible cause. If for some reason your body believes that probiotics are an infectious invader, this can trigger an infection-type response. This is much more likely to occur in people with autoimmune disorders. These people should take caution in determining their probiotics dose. It should be noted in both of these scenarios, however, that the chances of either of them happening are minimal. In most cases, probiotics have no side effects or only mild ones that pass quickly.

If side effects are a concern, or if you want to add something to your routine to increase the effectiveness of probiotics, consider incorporating food combining into your lifestyle. What is food combining? It is a way to enjoy eating without worrying about gas or bloating. It is also a way to cure and prevent digestive ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome or upset stomach.

When you practice food combining, you eat specific types of foods together: foods that work in harmony in your stomach to be digested and passed on through your system. This digestion is quicker, easier, and puts less strain on your body. If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired after eating pancakes with sausage or hash browns and eggs, give food combining a try and see how fast you feel better.

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