Can You Take too Many Probiotics?

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If you love probiotics (and who wouldn’t?) you might be wondering about the amount of them that you’re taking. Is it enough? Is it too much? Maybe you aren’t even sure if it’s possible to take too many probiotics. While it is almost impossible to overdose on probiotics in a toxic sense, there are a few things that can happen if you take more probiotics than what your body can comfortably handle.

The biggest danger from taking too many probiotics is the increased risk of sepsis. Sepsis is an infection that occurs when bacteria enter your blood. In most cases, probiotics do not cause infections. There are instances, however, where they can access your bloodstream. If you have HIV or are taking any medications that suppress your immune system, the risk for sepsis is increased.

Other possible risks of taking too many probiotics include becoming resistant to some antibiotics, altering your metabolism, and an adverse effect taking place with your immune system. These things could happen because probiotics are resistant to antibiotics and could alter levels of immune-related chemicals. It should be noted, though, that so far these types of risks are theoretical and there have not been any documented cases of this happening at this time.

While too many probiotics carries a rare risk of infection, using food combining as part of a healthy diet gives you a tremendous chance of stopping infections. In fact, people who use food combining as part of a healthy diet have reported everything from IBS to chronic diarrhea disappearing within just a few weeks or months.

“Great!” You may be thinking. “So what is it?” Well, food combining is knowing what types of food to eat together and what types to eat separately. This helps your digestive system have an easier time with breaking down and using your food. This means less stomach acid, fewer conflicting enzymes, and the end of your stomach woes! Learn more about food combining and discover for yourself why so many people have found relief with it.

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