Ways To Cure A Hiatal Hernia

There are a number of different ways to cure a hiatal hernia. From natural methods to medication, usually something will help anyone suffering from a hiatal hernia. Many of the symptoms that one experiences from having a hiatal hernia can easily be cured by some simple measures. If you smoke, quitting can be a cure for hiatal hernia. It’s also better for your overall health. It does tend to aggravate your condition.

Next on the list of cures for hiatal hernias is avoiding caffeine, or at the very least limiting it. Coffee and tea are full of acid and this is not conducive to helping your condition. It will no doubt make it far worse than it needs to be. It’s also wise to avoid any alcohol especially liquor that classified as hard liquor. Wearing loose clothing that is comfortable will help manage your condition although it’s not considered a cure for hiatal hernias.

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A hiatal hernia cure is possible by other natural methods too. One method is to massage the upper area of your abdominal cavity. Using your fingers, find where your breast bone, also known as the sternum, ends. This is usually at the bottom rib on either side of your chest. Putting the tips of your fingers slightly underneath this area and gently press down, moving toward your stomach area. Then repeat this massage technique. It is recommended to do this while lying down and while relaxed. Keep repeating this until you start to get some relief from your symptoms. This method is very effective after meals or any time that you experience discomfort.

Another hiatal hernia cure is to lie down for a period of 5-10 minutes and practice relaxing. When you get up drink a large glass of water and follow this by jumping off an object, to the ground. For instance, it could simply be from the bottom of the stairs. The glass of water adds weight to your stomach and jumping will help to move the area of your stomach that is herniated to slip downward.

Your digestive tract is associated with stress and your nervous system. An important part of a cure for your hiatus hernia is to work on relaxing and controlling your emotional levels. If you are dealing with anger or frustration then this can lead to problems in your digestive area.

Many people will turn to doctors who practice alternative medicine, looking for a hiatal hernia cure, when conventional doctors and medications do not work. In most cases a hiatal hernia is caused by the foods you eat. One natural cure for a hiatal hernia, that many have had success with, is following the Great Taste No Pain Program by Sherry Brescia. After going on this diet plan many have experienced a complete remission of their symptoms. Within a week most people usually notice a marked difference in their symptoms.

Most people don’t realize that what you put into your system will be the determining factor in how your digestive system works. Once you learn what things are good for you to eat, and in turn good for your digestive track, and what foods are not good, it won’t be long before you are on a course to curing your hiatal hernia.

The Best Hiatal Hernia Cure Is A Diet That Prevents Hiatal Hernia – Click Here To Find Out More

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