The Healthiest At Home Diverticulitis Treatment

Diverticulitis is a disease where pouches forming in the wall of the large intestine also known as your colon become infected or inflamed. The symptoms of the infection include fever, pain and other signs of an infection; they could possibly last from a couple of hours to several days.

There are many forms of Diverticulitis Treatment. Preventing a disease such as Diverticulosis, in which case pouches are formed in the large intestine have not become infected or inflamed, is the best treatment for preventing the inflammation and infection of these pouches.

The healthiest at home Diverticulitis treatment is as simple as your diet. The usual treatment for Diverticulitis are antibiotics to cure the infection combined with a high fiber diet and pain relievers when necessary. Sometimes hospitalization or surgery can be necessary to remove the affected area of the colon if complications such as peritonitis or an abscess are to develop, or if multiple diverticulitis attacks can not be cured by other forms of treatment.

The Most Effective Diverticulitis Treatment Is A Diet That Prevents Diverticulitis – Click Here To Find Out More

Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet is the healthiest at home diverticulitis treatment because it is the most natural way to prevent the Diverticulosis which causes complications such as diverticulitis. Fiber is known to keep the stool soft and it generally helps to lower the pressure inside the colon, making it easy for the bowel contents to move through. 20-35 grams of fiber consumption a day is recommended by the American Dietetic Association.

It was believed at one time that avoiding foods that contained small seeds such as tomatoes or strawberries was a good idea because the particles could lodge in the Diverticula (pouches) and cause inflammation.

Now it is generally accepted that only foods such as sunflowers, caraway, pumpkin, sesame seeds, popcorn hulls and nuts should be avoided, due to their ability to irritate or get caught in the Diverticula and cause problems. Decisions about your diet should be made based on what works best for you, different people have different dietary needs. Keeping a food diary can help with ones diet changes needed for diverticulitis treatment.

The benefits of foods that are high in fiber include the prevention of constipation, lowering cholesterol, weight loss management and many more. Increasing the fiber in your diet is not only one of the healthiest ways to prevent diverticulosis, Increasing the fiber in your diet may prevent you from ever needing diverticulitis treatment. A useful tip when buying foods labeled “High Fiber” is that in order to be labeled a high fiber food it has to contain more that 5 grams of fiber per serving.

Fiber is a necessity to our digestive system. It is also thought to help prevent colon cancer, heart disease, constipation, type 2 diabetes and hemorrhoids as well as Diverticulosis prevention and diverticulitis treatment. Fiber will speed up the waste flowing through the intestines so toxins as well as carcinogens have far less time staying in your body. Fiber also adds bulk to food so it helps you feel full quicker and you consume fewer calories, so if you’re worried about putting on some additional weight, fiber itself is a carbohydrate the body can’t digest.

If you have Diverticulosis you need to drink plenty of water and eat a high fiber diet for constipation prevention. Leafy green vegetables, fruits and whole grains are some of the best sources of fiber. It is advisable to add fiber supplements such as Metamucil, Citrucel and Fibercon. This healthy at home treatment may help reduce the formation of new pouches and will lower the over all risk of developing diverticulitis or ever needing diverticulitis treatment.

Remember it is very important to consult with your doctor before changing your Diverticulitis treatment. Together your doctor and you can create a high-fiber that is consistent with your personal dietary needs and your Diverticulosis condition.

The Most Effective Diverticulitis Treatment Is A Diet That Prevents Diverticulitis – Click Here To Find Out More