Do Probiotics Work?

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They worked for Katie.

Katie had suffered from IBS for nearly six months. She would alternate between constipation and diarrhea and had one or the other almost every week. In-between she would get horrible bloating, gas and abdominal pain. She was desperate and willing to try something new. That’s when she read about probiotics, and an eating system called food combining. She decided to give them a try, figuring they weren’t harmful and maybe they could give her a little relief.

Within a week, Katie noticed that her symptoms had decreased significantly. She learned that doctors now know that probiotics are extremely helpful for treating diarrhea and gas, and they can also help strengthen the immune system. Probiotics have been shown to decrease the length of time people have diarrhea and can help make the symptoms of several inflammatory bowel diseases go into remission. After the second week, Katie wasn’t having any symptoms at all! She still takes probiotics and does food combining, and she’s been healthier and happier ever since.

If you’re like Katie and suffer from IBS or any other digestive disorder, food combining and probiotics can help. Food combining is not new: it’s been around for many years and has helped millions of people. It is a way to eating that involves consuming fresh, unprocessed foods in the right combinations to give your stomach an easier time with digestion.

Do you love spaghetti bolognese but feel greasy and sick a few hours after you eat it? That’s because the protein in the meat and the starchy carbs of the pasta need different enzymes to digest properly. That conflict of enzymes is what causes your digestive woes. But with food combining, you learn what to eat and what not to eat together, which makes digestion smooth and painless. Try combining food the right way and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you don’t feel any more food misery.

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