Foods to Avoid When Having Crohn’s Disease

When Crohn’s disease flares up, the results are often painful and difficult to deal with. Between the abdominal cramps and diarrhea, you feel miserable. Although there is no cure for Crohn’s at this time, the symptoms can be reduced by medication and diet until the disease goes into remission. The right kind of diet can also help prevent flare-ups, so it is important to know what foods to avoid when you have Crohn’s disease.

Foods that are high in fat are known to aggravate this disease, especially fried foods. Avoid fried greasy foods as well as high fat meat and dairy. Potato chips, fried chicken, French fries and whole milk all have a high fat content. Spicy foods can also aggravate Crohn’s disease, so eat foods such as fajitas, chili and salsa sparingly until you know how they will affect you. It they make your symptoms worse, discontinue eating them.

Because it is a strong stimulant, caffeine may also make a flare-up worse. Switch to decaffeinated coffee, soda and tea, and reduce the amount of chocolate you eat. Alcohol irritates the stomach lining and can aggravate a flare-up, so avoid all alcoholic beverages when you are not in remission.

Another helpful change you can make to your diet if you have Crohn’s disease is to follow the principles of food combining. With food combining, not only do you eat wholesome, healthy foods, you eat them in complimentary combinations to make digestion easier and smoother on your body. When you eat foods that have different digestion requirements, such as a steak and a baked potato, your stomach has to produce conflicting enzymes to digest the foods. This can cause heartburn and diarrhea: two conditions that are bad for Crohn’s sufferers.

Food combining teaches you how to avoid these unhealthy combinations. Your digestive system will run efficiently and painlessly. Not only does food combining help with Crohn’s disease symptoms, it helps prevent you from having digestion problems even while you are in remission. Food combining can have you feeling better in as little as 24 hours. Try it and see how you’ll feel like you used to feel, fast.

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