What Are The Common Gastritis Symptoms?

Gastritis symptoms can be common to many different conditions and usually a qualified doctor can easily make a quick diagnosis once he has the full picture of your gastritis symptoms.

Gastritis symptoms can be difficult to live with and the sooner one gets treatment, the better they will feel. One of the most common gastritis symptoms is discomfort in the abdominal area and it’s not unusual for the discomfort to get worse after eating. Gastritis symptoms in the abdominal area can be any number of things. A distended stomach is often a common one. Pain in the stomach can leave a person holding their stomach as they wait for the pain to subside.

Another gastritis symptom is pain or discomfort in the stomach area, mainly between the lower rib and the navel, that may or may not get worse with eating. Some foods will cause it to feel much worse, while other foods may help to sooth the the pain. Foods with a high acid content are far more likely to cause discomfort, than easy to digest foods such as eggs and milk products.

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For some, one of the worst gastritis symptoms is nausea, which is often accompanied by vomiting. This can be one of the hardest symptoms to deal with, when it comes to gastritis symptoms. No one likes to experience feelings of nausea. This gastritis symptom makes it very hard to carry on a normal everyday life.

Gastritis symptoms that also include vomiting, are a sign that you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Beside the unpleasantness of vomiting it’s a sign that your gastritis could be getting worse and is something that needs to be attended to immediately.

For most, one of the most common gastritis symptoms is an awful feeling of being bloated, or feeling that your stomach feels full. This gastritis symptom literally makes you stomach distended, and may make wearing your normal clothing uncomfortable.

All of the above gastritis symptoms often lead to a very poor appetite, and eating seems to make things worse. People with gastritis symptoms often tend to avoid food for fear of another attack or a worsening of symptoms.

The most serious gastritis symptom and a sign that your gastritis is becoming very severe, is vomit with blood in it or black stools which is an indication of blood in your digestive system.

One of the most frequent gastritis symptoms is simple indigestion and heartburn. Many people tend to write off this common gastritis symptom to some other malady and don’t take it very seriously. They’ll take some over the counter medication to temporarily relieve the symptoms. This simply allows the gastritis to continue to get worse over time until finally one is showing gastritis symptoms that are far more serious.

Once your doctor has reviewed all of your gastritis symptoms it is then very easy for him, with the help of a few simple tests to come up with an overall plan to help you with this condition so that it is manageable and with a view to clearing it up completely over a short period of time.

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46 thoughts on “What Are The Common Gastritis Symptoms?

  1. Thank You

    i think i have gastritis and i have nausea but some people think it’s in my head. i visited a specialist and she says that i have the symptoms of gastritis. thanks for posting this article because it sort of makes me feel relieved that one of the symptoms is nausea. i’m glad that you say there is a cure because i was thinking of suicide, but i’m glad to see that it’s normal to experience nausea. it is SO hard going through my life right now because every second i feel like i’m going to puke. for everyone who is reading my comment: there is hope for you. you just have to keep fighting. i am only thirteen years old and i have had my share of problems with my stomach and increased nausea, but i know that i got through it all those times, so i am hopeful this time too. don’t let it get to you- keep moving foward, and when you feel like giving up, that’s when you need to fight your hardest.

  2. Thanks

    thankyou for posting this, ive been suffering for about 5 months, ive missed an entire term off of school in one of the most important years and im still only doing half a day at the moment because of the discomfort and fear of being sick. ive seen the doctors so many times, had different tests done but no one had suggested gastritis, my mum found this and its shined a light on my situation, people thought it was all in my head and wanted to send me to a psychologist. i lost weight because i didnt want to eat, i wasnt hungry what so ever and i went to see a food specialist to see if i had any intolerances, turns out quite a few but since cutting things out its started getting better, im 15 years old ands it almost ruined my life, im so glad to have found this out, never give up 🙂

  3. titli

    Thanks for this post. It helped me a lot to know what gastritis actually is and its symptoms.I have been suffering from gastritis for more than 3 years. Though I don’t feel nauseated but a tremendous feeling of fullness/bloating drives me crazy and this feeling is always at the left side of the tummy starting down the ribs to the lower left. Now I will see the doc and get cured. All the best to ur site.

  4. dboy

    woww.. i’m an idiot.
    all this time and i don’t find out until now i was suffering from gastritis since the 5th grade and i graduated high school last year…
    my gastritis is soo bad right now that i have to go see a doctor.. the only reason i found this was because its REALLY bad right now..
    i’ve lost over 30 pounds in past week if i walk half a mile ill be almost passing out on the floor from the pain that seeks through my stomach..
    it’s a stabbing feeling i’ve learned to control it because i’ve had it so long…
    i just hope i don’t have stomach cancer or anything. I hope there is a cure for this man
    i’m going to sleep because the pain is hitting me right now as i type this message.

  5. Gerald

    Hi, I don’t have diverticulitis, but I am a former crohns sufferer. I think with all inflammatory diseases I think we should eat to heal. If anyone suffers from a IBD, if you haven’t tried food combining you should, it has done wonders for me.

  6. mike

    I have had gastritis for years now, it was discovered on a rutine endoscopy, the surgeon took biopsies of the inflamation , came back no cancer just gastritis aswell as a hiatus hernia , he put me on pariet and i always feel nauseous upon awaking in morn and naseous sometimes all day with gnawing pains in my upper gi ,i have noticed 1 thing for myself the older i get the worst it seems to be getting ,also loose my appetite alot, and lost 0ver 20 pounds in a 1 year period , its a terrible pain in the butt i wish everone luck and if anyone has any of there own ideas please tell me every little bit helps as far as feeling better , thanks

  7. Aaron

    I have gastritis. After a upper scope it was determined that it is all from acid causing my stomach to be inflamed. Every few months I get really bad pain and even get dizzy. Is it normal to get dizziness and headache with gastritis?

  8. Lynn

    I’ve had gastritis for five years. It started with dizzy troubles and blurry vision. For me salty foods irritate the most. There is a list of foods to avoid and that gets you feeling normal again. But it takes a long time to heal.

  9. Carolyn

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 7 years ago, and with ACid Reflux three years ago. I eat no gluten, dairy, or eggs due to my food intolerances, but about 2 years ago I stopped taking my Acid Reflux meds because they were making my Vitamin D levels too low. Now my stomach is worse than ever and I have an upper GI endoscopy scheduled in two weeks. Along with bloating and intense abdominal pain, I have been having awful diarrhea. I know the symptoms of Gastritis include nausea, but has anyone heard of diarrhea as a symptom? Also, I get dizzy a lot and have passed out 3 times in the past year. Thanks for your help!

  10. Ed

    Having had gastritis due to h pylori I can say one of the simplest and most effective solutions for me at least is a teaspon of tumeric in about 4 oz of water on an empty stomach before going to bed and in the morning about 1/2 hr before eating. After wasting a lot of time and money with doctors who basically just treated the symptoms rather than the cause i figured out the solution on my own. Basically I found some info which referenced an article in World Journal of Gastroenterology testing various herbal remedies against h pylori – turns out tumeric was most effective in killing h pylori (actually active incredient is curcumin). Before realizing that gasritis and heart burn can be caused by this bateria my situation was so bad I checked my self into the emergency room twice thinking the heart burn symtoms were heart attack and also I felt I had palpitations which after doing an echo stress and wearing a holter monitor where not heart related. Later I discovered these seeming palpitations were acid reflux related and after taking the turmeric these symptons and the heartburn completely went away in a matter of a week or so. Amazing (after living with this off and on for 3 plus years). Again I am somewhat disappointed in the western allopathy in this matter at least.

  11. Rebecca

    I too have gastritis, and have just started treatment after several tests. Including peptic ulcer and Gallbladder.
    It is curable with the right treatment after a couple of months I should be back to normal. I don’t understand people who have had it for years?

  12. cilem

    how many days did you take turmeric ed? i may try that one too,
    i have same problem like you.
    Does it make you throw up?
    what is the result now?

  13. Dawn

    I’ve had nausea and pain above navel area for 2 1/2 weeks now. I had an upper GI which showed acid reflux (I always had a feeling I had acid reflux but wasn’t sure) but rarely had the heartburn feeling. No reflux medicine was working so they did an endoscopy on me which showed gastritis. I can’t believe some people went years feeling the way I do. I’ve missed so much work because of it. I’m thinking the surgeon, who did my endoscopy, is going to refer me to a gastroenterologist but will keep you updated. They did get tissue for a Clo Test (test for H.Pylori) but my blood test was negative so it may turn out to be negative. I’ve done some research and I think it might be bile reflux disease as opposed to acid reflux disease. The pyloric valve may be causing bile to enter the stomach and cause irritation, reflux, and nausea. Will find out what next step is.

  14. sandi

    I was diagnosed with this along with RA and fibromyalgia. Right now I have been fighting this non stop nausea, living on my nausea meds every 4 hours. I can’t handle this anymore, im at the end of my rope. Im tempted to go to ER tomorrow, but hate to wait there 4 hours just to be seen. So im hoping I call my on call Doc an get help. Im glad I read this though, It’s comforting to know it’s the gastritis and I can get help. I also have gastroparesis and so needle to say, I live on a liquid diet

  15. darlene bodnariuk

    I have nausea, dizziness, distended stomach. doc tells me i have acid reflux, i feel sharp stabbing pain on my left side, i believed i had heart problems and it just about drove me crazy with anxiety. I just had a barium swallow and the attending doc said i had a haital hernia. when i asked my regular doc what was wrong he said the attending doc was not sure and needed to send me to a surgeon to find out more. but in the meantime i cannot eat very much and certain foods cause me pain. i am now just learning about gastritis and that seems to describe what i am feeling. i feel so lost and do not know what to do.

  16. Margaret

    I started having these attacks after a very stressful period of time this Spring… and the worst thing about it is that I love spicy food and all the things that you shouldn’t eat with this condition! On the flip side, it’s an easy way to lose weight!! Can’t eat ’cause most everything hurts… it takes about 4 hours after a meal ( a tuna fish sandwich killed me today!- who would have thought?) before I feel gawd awful. I have found that drinking coconut water helps… but other than that, I have to eat very small bits or I really pay for it. It’s good to know I’m not alone out there.

  17. Carie

    I have had many tests done. I was told I had Non Errosive Acid Reflux but then I had a ph test which showed no acid reflux. Even though something is burning my throat. I am looking into bile reflux which is a main cause of gastritis along with nerves. I have constant stomach burning and pain. I had no relief for 1 year. It is very frustrating yet I know the underlying cause will be found.

  18. kealy russell

    I have been hurting in my stomach for three days I’ve been to the doctors office about it even had to go to the emergency room. I have not vomited blood yet but they told me its what I have but they also said it could be gas I do not think it is gas because it would have done passed by now I’m hurting rite now when I eat it gets worse I threw up last night before going to the emergency room I was hurting so bad my kidneys we’re hurting and he doctors found blood in my urine I have not quit hurting. Please tell me what to do give me some advice.

  19. Keya Brown

    I was diagnosed with Gastritis the beginning of 2011. I had just finished taking an antibiotic called Bactrim/Septra for a throat infection from the Flu. It was like it hit me all of sudden! So much pain in my stomach and found it difficult to swallow as well as keep food down(reflux). I also experienced coughing though no phlegm because there wasn’t any congestion. I found that weird. I have had heartburn in the past due to stress and pregnancy but never as bad as it ended up being. I had an endoscopy done and found gastritis but the Doc wasn’t sure what caused it. He ruled out the H. pylori bacteria. So we assumed it was stress. I’ve been on Nexium 40mg. Once a day for the past 6months. Was fine up until a month ago. I had a UTI and needed more antibiotics. Took Cipro and once again my stomach pain returned. I was so frustrated. Still am. Because the pain hasn’t left since and I’m still taking Nexium. Now I suffer from panic attacks which only worsens the gastritis. I wondered if it will ever truly heal for good. I was great until that antibiotic! I’m curious as to wether or not it was brought on by the strong antibiotics I took. Side effects to those particular antibiotics are gastrointestinal upset or agitation. Also….would taking probiotics help me at all? I heard that somewhere.

  20. Terry Heler

    I had issues breathing on 7/24/11….called an ambulance(yay)….hospital told me it was “heart palpitations”. Well, a week later, I went to ER again for the same thing. I followed up with my Doc and a HI Doc. I got an upper GI which found esophageal ulcers and gastritis. The ulcers healed in about 8 weeks(had another upper GI to see this on 10/3/2011(this past Monday). The gastritis, which went away, has now returned DESPITE dietary changes and quitting smoking and beer. I am not that overweight(male, 38 yrs old, 220 pounds). I WAS athletic until this hit, now I cannot do anything out of fear that the symptoms will flare up. I have been bed-ridden since about 7/24, but I go for 30 minute walks when I can. I am on NExium (40mg twice daily) and carafate…SLIGHT overall improvement, but not much. I am often depressed over this. I also think the Nexium causes headaches and other odd symptoms. Can any please help me or offer advice??

  21. Rob

    Does Gastritis cause dizziness, or lightheadedness? Does it also affect vision?? I have been having these symptoms and I have been diagnosed with mild gastritis from an Endoscopy I just had recently. I am wondering if these symptoms and the mild gastritis are related. Lynn on this blog states that she had these symptoms. Does anyone else have the same experience or know the answers?

  22. mem

    hi. Been suffering from stomach cramps 1 to 2hrs after eating for 2 weeks, getting an endoscopy to check what it is tmr.
    Are there any success in curing gastritis? Any successful stories? I really want to know.
    I am only 18… And i heard many cases of people having it for years and not able to cure it. I am very worried

  23. aishani

    thnxs for the post i thought i would die i also think it is gastitis as i have consulted 3 doctor they say its gastritis i have a little bit of chest pain back pain n i always feel like nause n vomiting but sometimes i dont vomit it out but i feel like my doctor is giving me pills n iam eating after eating it i feel relieved but then it again starts i keep feeling of inflammation just below my esophagus and in it n sometimes have pain in my stomach i think it is gastritis only hat do u think plz reply i get a lot of bups n i fart alot do u think it will be fine n one thing more i think alot im only 13

  24. Karen

    Rob – I don’t know if I have gastritis, h pylori, or what because I don’t hav health insurance so I can’t see a doctor. I do have symptoms that seem to match this diagnoses over any other, and I’ve considered every other. I’ve been dealing with this for about 2.5 years now.

    In answer to your question, my vision is definitely affected, I used to get what seemed like eye strain induced nausea and was told then by a doctor (when I had insurance) that it was migraines. I don’t agree, or at least I don’t think migraines are a diagnosis, only a symptom. My eyes felt like they were swollen, which is what caused the worsening eye sight and eye strain/nausea. What caused my eyes to swell is anyone’s guess because doctors don’t treat the whole patient; they “specialize” or compartmentalize, which doesn’t provide a thorough analysis.

    So here we all are on a discussion board, because these overpaid drug pushers aren’t helping anyone.

  25. jackie

    I had pains too with nause, stomach pain and burning sensation around my chest and stomach area. Does anyone have burning sensation too>

  26. Sal

    i feelk like puking all the time and nausea most part of the day, i hate this Gastritis, but thanks for the useful information.

  27. Jodi

    I have had Gastritis off and on for the last year, since having my gallbladder removed. There is a medication for this, its called Carafate. You take it before meals to coat your stomach so as to not cause so much irritation. It takes time, but it does eventally get better. And if you have taken antibiotics for another condition, alot of times it will cause Gastritis once you’ve finished the antibiotic, because it kills whatever virus you have, but also kills the good bacteria in your stomach. Taking a probiotic does help with this. I’m going to the Dr today for what appears to be Gastritis again. I have had acid reflux for years, but think since having my gallbladder removed, I now have bile reflux. The heartburn, nausea, and pain is tremendous. I am hoping to get something to help with bile reflux, and maybe then I will stop getting this Gastritis.

  28. Maril

    I, too, began experiencing symptoms following a regimen of antibiotics for a sinus infection. Is there a connection? Anyway, nausea is my primary symptom, accompanied by weight loss and anxiety. Worse in the morning and I do not eat anything within 3 hours of going to bed. Have had all the tests. Results are gastritis, diverticulitis and ensophogitis. Rx is Protonix 2x a day and ativan as needed for anxiety and to promote appetite. Some days will wake up and feel pretty well, but it is no predictor for the next day. Will be seeing a new G.I. doc soon and hope to get another opinion/more help. Luckily, I hve no pain, but the nausea can be quite debilitating.

  29. judy

    I went through an extremely stressful period. My defences were down on top of already having thyroid disease. I had such a sore throat and went on amoxicylin.Its was during the time that I was on the antibiotic that my troubles began. I believe the antibiotic killed all the good bacteria in my stomach and left me with a serious case of gastritis. I tried taking acidolphilis captules to restore good bacteria and found I could eat nothing still. I x-ed that out. Got to thinking that I picked up the bacteria pyloria from giving my pets a kiss now and then, or maybe transfered from my hands to mouth. My episodes only hit me in the evening as I dont eat during the day. The pain was excruciating, I resorted to a 1/2 a hydrocodone.I ate 5-8 tums Zantac- Bicarbinate of soda. I found myself trying to pull in air to be able to belch. The air pulled in and it never came out making the pain worsen. I have just ordered Siberian Pine Oil off the internet. I am waiting for my order to arrive.I also have had migranes but I think that they are from not eating but maybe 3-4 ounces of food a day. Today is Superbowl Sunday and I will eat a small packet of oatmeal.If I eat anything that is not like baby food I will be in agonizing pain, I have been forced to disapline my food choices which are very limited. Canned apricots,pears, peaches, yogurt,no-salt saltines jello(yuck)Lentils(bland beans)and bottled water. only 1-2 ounces at a time.(I am still so hungry) This is the only way to avoid the burning-bloated and rumbling stomach that is unbearable painful. Right now the pain killers work better than any heartburn remedies until I kill this bacteria in my stomach.No alcohol,cut way back on smoking,very little food. I am not much fun these days as I isolate myself. I dont want to talk to anyone about there hardships, no politics, nothing demanding or stressful.Just cant do it right now. I pray this Siberian pine oil kills the spiral shaped critters living in my gut.

  30. judy


  31. Steven Steven

    TERRY HELER I’m the same age and have been going through almost the EXACT same thing for the past year out of nowhere! I have some advice on a few things i’ve been doing that have been helping. Please email me at: astronautagogo @ hotmail.com
    I’m really curious as to how you’ve been holding up, if you’ve gotten any answers/progress and how you are doing! You’re the first person i’ve come across that sounds alot like my experiences! Hope you see this.

  32. Vincent

    I have been diagnosed with gastritis recently. I was on Omeprazole but the side effects were so bad, I had to stop. I am now on Zantac 300 once a day. My symptoms are mainly nausea but I also experience from time to time pain on the RIGHT side of the abdomen, in what feels like the liver area to me. It also diffuses to the back. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? I am somewhat puzzled as I thought gastritis symptoms would mainly manifest on the stomach side i.e. the left side.

  33. Natalia

    My doctor recently said I have gastritis
    My dad and uncle also had it and they said that it can be also from “bad attitude” like feeling angry or frustrated too often, is that true?
    And also I feel nauseous 80% of the day, should I make myself vomit?

  34. admin

    @Natalia. Stress, anger and frustration certainly contribute to a gastritis. The main reason for a gastritis is usually your diet. If you eat healthier and eat the foods in the appropriate combinations, then you should get better very quick. You can go to: http://www.perfecthealthfit.com/gastritis_symptoms and sign up for the white paper which includes a free 4 day diet plan you can follow.

  35. Scott

    I dont think he was thinking suicide. I think he was making a joke (I found it funny). He has an overall positive tone and message, I think the suicide thing was a joke e.g “My Hand hurts, lets chop it off”

  36. Scott

    Endoscopys can help diagnos gastritis. I had a giardia infection which I believe caused my gastritis. Yesterday, they made me swallow some oral spray, then they stuck a camera down my mouth into my intestines and stomach. The spray was the worst part, I didn’t feel the tube and it was all over in about 5mins, then a 1hr rest to let the sedation wear off. Go to your doctor and if you feel like you have a lot of stomach pain he may recommend a endoscopy.

  37. admin

    Try out the turmeric and see if it helps. Not everyone is the same, for some people it works for some not. You should also go to http://www.perfecthealthfit.com/gastritis_symptoms and sign up for the newsletter there. You will get a free 4 day diet plan just for signing up that is great for people suffering from gastritis. If you like it and it helps you can order the whole system if you so choose (I definitely recommend it, as you will learn how to eat right and avoid digestive ailments in first place).

  38. Sherri Martinez

    I have had a problem with pancreatitis and stomach problems ever since I had my gallbladder took out about 18 yrs ago. I have went months throwing up before, but then it wasnt as much pain. I have a endoscopy tomorrow morning, I hope it tells me something. Ive had them before numerous times. This bloating, pain, pressure, hurting into back between shoulders, upper abdominal pain. Food makes it really bad unless its mostly liquids. I have heard of having a gallstone blockage in a bile duct at the pancreas can cause this too. Anyone know about that????? And does that pine oil Ive been hearing about really work? Hope I find some answers soon as I cant hardly take anymore.

  39. TT

    Have had extreme gastritis for 11/2 years now. I went to an acupuncturist and have had almost immediate relief. I’m on prescribed herbs and feel so much better. Medical Dr’s are out. They just keep pumping you fill of expensive meds that have so many side effects.

  40. olajide akinyemi

    I was diagnosed chronic antral gastritis about a year ago ,after several antibiotics drugs,thinking i was having ulcer before the test. I have headache,cough,lost of weight,pains in my bones,heartburn and bloating in my stomach. I had used several medications. I’m really fed up.i couldn’t work. I’m idle because of the pains. I lost weight mlre than expected. Im getting slimmer everyday. I have taking drugs such as omeprazole,amoxlin,antacids,flagil . The worse is,im alwayz gassing out of mouth. I’m really worried.i hope im not having cancer.please help me with curable informations.

  41. dorothy

    I read an article about zinc and L-carnoisine works really well for gastritis. Look it up and decide for yourselves.

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