The Types Of Heartburn Medicine

Many are suffering from heartburn on a more regular basis than before. America is the only country where it is said that at least every person has suffered from heartburn problems at least once in their lifetime. This has led to the increase awareness of heartburn medicine. Many tend to opt for the chemical or pharmaceutical heartburn medicines which are okay to take, however if heartburn is a regular problem, this really is not healthy. There are many natural heartburn medicines that one should consider over the standard chemical based ones seeing that they are a more healthy choice.

We have taken the time and liberty to research many natural heartburn medicines that are still in effective use. We have mentioned most of them below. Do keep in mind that it is important to realize that these natural heartburn medicines will vary in its effectiveness depending on the individual person. Some tend to respond better than others. If you are found suffering from any previous medical problems, it is recommended to consult a physician before deciding to consume any of the natural heartburn medicines mentioned below.

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Eating almonds have always been known as a great way to reduce the chances of heartburn. It is recommended that one should consume at least 7 almonds a day for a healthy mind and body. They should be taken prior to meals or an hour before you decide to sleep. Another great form of home heartburn medicine is bananas. Bananas are known to contain a natural anti-acid in them that basically counteracts against the acidic environment in a persons stomach. If you do not like eating fresh bananas, you can always opt for the dry or powdered ones as they have the same effect.

Another good form of home heartburn medicine includes eating pineapples. They are known to contain enzymes which simply break down protein and help in digestion and preventing inflammation. If you opt for drinking pineapple juice, which is also a viable option seeing that the enzymes will be able to counteract against the acidic stomach environment. Other than pineapples, other raw fruits and vegetables are also a great source of heartburn medicine. These would include apples, white potatoes and even carrots. These are particularly well known to give great heartburn relief. This form of home heartburn medicine has now been used for many years and has great effect.

Many are surprised when they hear that consuming vinegar is also a great way to counter heartburn problems. Seeing that vinegar is an acid it self, it kind of seems ironic that it would help rather then the expected of it making the situation worse. If is a famous Japanese formula that has been used for many a years now that have proven that with the right mixture and consuming the right amount, vinegar can be as effective as any other home heartburn medicine.

It is recommended that before you decide to consume any form of home heartburn medicine that you decide to consult a doctor.

The Most Effective Heartburn Medicine Is A Diet That Prevents Heartburn – Click Here To Find Out More