What Is Hiatal Hernia Repair?

Hiatal hernia repair is the processes of correcting the breathing muscle in the stomach better know as the diaphragm, this repair is also referred to as Foundoplication or Anti-reflux surgery.

The question is: will you need to have this type of surgery to take any pain away you may be experiencing due to a hiatal hernia. For most people the answer is no, some people may have hiatal hernia but the case is so mild, that they do not even have any symptoms. For the majority of people who do experience symptoms chances are they will not have to have surgery. Instead some medication and a couple of life style changes would be more appropriate.

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But for the unfortunate people how have to deal with the very serious symptoms a hiatal hernia repair is in order. The surgery is not a real extensive process which might help ease the mind of people who have to have it done. The surgery consists of having about five small little incisions in which a laparascopic instrument will be inserted with a camera on the end of it and the camera will transmit the images on to a monitor. This process makes it possible for the surgery to only require small cuts instead of being opened all the way up. Each incision is about ten millimeters long and will cut down on healing time, recovery time, cut down on the chance of infection and will leave less visible scares.

Some indication that you need to have hiatal hernia repair could include but are not limited to severe esophagus damage caused by the backup of gastric and acid fluids in the system which is usually caused by chronic heartburn. Narrowing of the esophagus due to acid damage and chronic inflammation of the lungs due to breathing in gastric fluids which in extreme cases can lead to pneumonia. All of these are good reasons you should attend to your chronic heartburn.

If you need to have hiatal hernia repair but try to avoid it, serious complications may start setting in. Complications could include the stomach and other abdominal contents bulging into the chest cavity and causing chronic heart burn which will eventually lead to esophagus damages. Also you could require immediate treatment if your intestines become twisted in your stomach. This is a life threatening situation.

The risks of the hiatal hernia repair being done are low but like with anything, there are still some draw backs. You may have trouble swallowing which is common and will start to slowly go way. You could also end up with a gas and bloating which will leave you with complication burping, passing gas, vomiting, and may give you bloating after meals.

For the most part hiatal hernia repair is a simple surgery, some side effects may occur but will eventually go away. Unfortunately the surgery does not always fix the problem permanently but that is a risk you have to take. With the percentage in your advantage, it can be in your best interest to have the surgery done.

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