How Do Probiotics Help Boost Your Immune System?

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Probiotics are amazing. Not only do they help your digestive system with conditions such as traveler’s diarrhea and bloating, they also help to make your immune system stronger. If your immune system could stand some strengthening, probiotics can definitely fit the bill. But how do they do it? How do probiotics help to boost the immune system?

Probiotics are what is known as “good” bacteria. If there are plenty of these good bacteria in your system, they will inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Fewer bad bacteria in your body mean a decreased risk of infections and an increase in the strength of your immune system. The good bacteria stimulate the immune system in a positive way and increase its defenses.

Probiotics also help to boost your immune system by enhancing the integrity of your stomach’s mucosal barrier. This barrier is the lining of your stomach and it is permeable to both nutrients and toxins. To prevent toxins from entering your stomach along with the nutrients, the barrier must remain strong. Probiotics act as a barrier to these toxins as well as harmful bacteria and help to keep the mucosal lining strong.

Did you know that another way to keep your mucosal barrier strong is through food combining? That’s because eating certain foods in the wrong combinations can set off a chain reaction in your stomach, causing it to produce acids and enzymes that work against each other and not together. When this happens, you can experience anything from IBS to painful stomach cramps.

Food combining will help end these digestion woes. By eating healthy, unprocessed foods in the right combinations, your stomach will be able to digest food gently, without the added stress of extra acids to churn up a painful burning. You will feel better in as little as 24 hours with this simple system. If you’re looking for a natural, healthy way to get your body back on track, try food combining.

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