How Long Does Colitis Last?

Colitis, like Crohn’s disease, is a form of inflammatory bowel disease. It affects the large intestine, also called the colon, and the rectum. Symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, nausea and bloating. The cause of colitis is unknown, but it is believed heredity or an abnormal immune system could be responsible for developing the disease. Colitis has no known cure, but it is treatable though therapy.

Because there is currently no cure for colitis, it is a continuous condition. It is usually a chronic illness, meaning that the disease and its symptoms develop over time instead of having a sudden onset. Unlike some diseases, however, colitis can go into remission. Remission means that the disease is dormant in the body, usually as a result of medications and dietary changes.

When colitis is dormant, there are usually few, if any, symptoms. The length of time it remains dormant varies from person to person. Usually it stays dormant for months or even years. Colitis goes into remission for an average of seven or eight out of every ten people who have the disease. Although it is not common, colitis sometimes resolves itself after a long period of time.

Changing your diet will go a long way with helping to keep colitis in remission. Healthy, natural foods that are free of chemicals, fat and salt will help ease symptoms and prevent new ones. Another way to guard against colitis flare-ups is by following the food combining system. Food combining teaches you how to eat foods in compatible combinations for better digestive health.

When you eat foods that cause your stomach to make acids that conflict with each other, you feel bloated, sick and have stomach pains. All of these can contribute to aggravating colitis. When you use food combining, you eat foods together that make it easy for your stomach to digest your food. This means less stress, fewer symptoms, and your colitis stays dormant longer. Experience for yourself how food combining is the healthiest, safest way to eat.

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