How Long Should You Take Probiotics?

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Tom has been taking probiotics for six months. Although he feels great and his digestive and immune systems are stronger than ever, he’s a bit concerned about his probiotic use. His friend Lauren took them while she was on antibiotics and suggested he try them. Tom felt so healthy as a result he’s continued taking them, along with practicing food combining. Lately, though, he finds himself wondering if taking them is still OK. Have you been wondering this as well? Do you know how long you should take probiotics?

The answer to this question depends on why you are taking the probiotics. If you are only using them to help prevent or lessen diarrhea while taking antibiotics, you should take them daily for the duration of your antibiotic prescription: usually one to two weeks. If you want to prevent traveler’s diarrhea, start taking them a week before your trip and continue taking them until a week after you return.

If you are taking probiotics to maintain good digestive health, you should take them every day. Most probiotics do not stay in your intestine permanently, so you need to replenish the supply continuously to keep getting the benefits. There is nothing harmful about taking probiotics daily, so unless you have other health concerns that would prohibit you from taking them, you may take probiotics indefinitely.

Did you know that food combining is another excellent way to maintain good digestive health? In food combining, you eat “like” foods together and do not mix different types of foods that are bad for your digestion. If you have ever felt sick and greasy after eating a cheeseburger and fries, you know all too well what happens when you combine the wrong foods.

With food combining, when you eat the “right” combinations of foods, you feel better and the problems of IBS and chronic diarrhea will be a thing of the past. Food combining is easy and is healthy for anyone to use. Try it for yourself and you’ll be glad you did.

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