How Much Probiotics Should You Take for Healthy People?

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Ok, you have decided to start taking probiotics because you know how beneficial they are. You’ve done research and selected your supplement. But aren’t there different amounts of probiotics for people to take? You’re in good health with no known ailments, not on antibiotics, and you’d like to know how much is enough and how much is too much, right? Don’t worry; there is an easy answer to the question of how much probiotics healthy people should take.

To answer this question, first check the label on your probiotics. The potency of probiotics is measured is what is called Colony Forming Units, or CFU. Supplements have a wide range of CFU; from as low as one billion all the way up to 200 billion. This is a very large difference in potencies. However, once you know exactly how many CFU your particular probiotics have, you can determine the dose based on these simple recommendations.

If you are taking probiotics simply to stay healthy, that is called taking them for maintenance. Healthy people on maintenance doses should take between 1-15 billion CFU a day. Two billion is considered optimal by some experts, while others recommend 10. It would be almost impossible for you to overdose on probiotics, so as long as you stay with the 1-15 billion range you will be fine. If taking high amounts causes side effects like gas or bloating, just decrease the dosage until you find the level that gives you no side effects. You can always increase them gradually if you want. This level will build up your “good” bacteria and help keep you at your best health.

Something else that will help keep you at optimal health is food combining. Did you know that eating the wrong foods together, like a hamburger and fries, can cause gas, bloating and heartburn? It can also make you feel stuffed and as greasy as your hamburger! Food combining will teach you how to eat the right combinations of foods together to feel better. You’ll learn about how unhealthy most processed foods are and that eating natural foods without added fat and sugar can make a huge difference in your health. Try it along with probiotics and see how fast you feel like a new person.

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