How to Make Probiotics More Effective

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Probiotics are an immense benefit to our immune and digestive systems. And whether you’ve been taking them for a few weeks or a few months, maybe you’ve wondered if there is something you can do to make them more effective. Although probiotics work wonders on their own, there are two things you can do that will increase their effectiveness: take them with prebiotics and use the food combining method of eating.

Prebiotics are nutrients that probiotics use for food. They promote the growth of probiotics, “good” bacteria, in your colon by providing them with an energy source. Prebiotics are what is called “fermentable” fiber: they do not digest but instead ferment in your intestines. With the extra food they supply to probiotics, probiotics can grow faster and easier in the digestive system. There is also research that suggests that prebiotics can help the body to absorb calcium better.

Prebiotics can be taken at the same time as probiotics, preferably with a meal. They are found in foods such as berries, bananas and legumes. Some companies also add prebiotics to yogurt. Prebiotics, like probiotics, usually have no side effects. Some people do experience gas or stomach cramps if they take probiotics in large amounts, so adjust your dosage if needed.

Food combining is a system of eating that can treat many digestive disorders including IBS, constipation, and bloating. It works by teaching you that all food fits into categories, such as proteins or non-starchy vegetables, and that certain foods are OK to eat together but others should be avoided. This is because eating some foods together can cause your stomach to make enzymes and acids that conflict with each other, causing a lot of different digestive problems.

Food combining helps your stomach to digest food easily and gently, without a huge buildup of troublesome acids. When these acids are gone and your digestion is in balance, conditions such as Crohn’s disease and chronic diarrhea will become a part of your past. Food combining can make you feel better in as little as 24 hours! Try it along with prebiotics and soon you’ll feel healthier and stronger than ever.

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