IBS Diets to Follow

IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is the condition wherein there is a dysfunction in the body that is affecting a person’s bowel syndrome, manifesting either in diarrhea or constipation. Some of the more common irritable bowel symptoms are bloating, pain in the abdomen and chronic diarrhea or constipation, or both. When one is experiencing this sickness, there are certain IBS foods that they must stick to in order not to make the condition worse. Hence, there are actually special IBS diets that one must follow, translating into almost a Dos and Don’ts list of sorts.

1. When your stomach is empty, soluble fibers are your best friend. Soluble fibers are the fibers that maintain lower levels of blood sugar and easily dissolve in water. This is the reason why they are highly recommended for IBS diets, since they are not hard to digest.

2. Say no to fat! Eating a maximum of 25% of fat in your meals is best. Better yet, just avoid all fatty foods altogether. If you do eat something that is fatty, make sure that you eat it with a lot of soluble fibers, such as legumes, oats and fruits.

3. Say no to dairy products at all costs. Milk products such as cheese, chocolate and ice cream are a big DON’T in all IBS diets.

4. Carbonated and/or caffeinated drinks are also disastrous for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Some experts say that some gentler sodas are fine, but it’s better that you avoid all kinds anyway.

5. Like other healthy diets, IBS diets also recommend that you eat in small portions, but eat all throughout the day. Do not starve yourself, because stressed out stomach acids are also catastrophic to your condition.

6. Have regular checkups with your doctor. There’s a chance that you might need medication, depending on the degree of your condition.

7. Avoid stress. Although IBS may be caused by the types of foods that you eat, stress is actually a factor in there, too. It may be possible that those people who deal with stress at high levels and on a daily basis will develop IBS, mainly because of the chemicals that are becoming imbalanced in their bodies.

8. Keep track of the foods that will be in included in your IBS diets, so that you will have an easier time living your life normally on a day to day basis. This will also make it easier for you when you get in a situation that is not within your home base, such as when you go out for a vacation or when you are trying out a new restaurant. This will help in your not experiencing any untoward accidents while out in public.

Irritable bowel syndrome does not have to ruin your life. With constant care and attention, you will be able to adjust to it and go on with your daily routines, with just a little tweak here and there.

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