Keeping A Good Gastritis Diet

Gastritis is simply an inflammation of the stomach lining or an irritation of the lining. After your doctor makes the initial diagnosis, and puts you on medication, the next thing he is going to discuss with you is a gastritis diet that will help in the healing of your condition and a long term gastritis diet in order to keep it from happening again.

One of the first things one needs to consider for a gastritis diet is food that will be easily for you and your system to digest. While on a gastritis diet it is possible for a person to continue to eat a well balanced diet, containing foods that are easy to digest.

Sometimes on a gastritis diet it is recommended to eat smaller meals and more of them throughout the day, but if this is not possible then one can also work their gastritis diet around 3 basic meals, just as one normally does. Occasionally on a gastritis diet frequent eating can lead to increased acid secretion and thereby aggravate the gastritis. One needs to find a gastritis diet that works for them and their own particular situation.

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On a gastritis diet milk and dairy products will need to be limited, often to only 2-3 times a day, as they can increase the acid secretions in your stomach. It is wise with a gastritis diet to choose foods that are low fat, as these will help to control the production of acid in your stomach. It is also important on a gastritis diet to make sure that you are getting adequate amounts of fiber for your system. Although most people believe that fiber makes the problem worse and can actually cause stomach pain, in reality fiber actually helps to improve your digestion process.

There are some foods that may need to be avoided while on a gastritis diet. Foods such as broccoli, beans, peas, cabbage and fruit with peals can cause discomfort. A patient who is starting a gastritis diet needs to be aware of foods that they have a reaction to and try to avoid them in the future, or eat much smaller amounts of them and possibly as time goes on, gradually add them to your new gastritis diet.

Although it rarely needs to be said, on a gastritis diet it is very wise to avoid all alcohol and spicy foods. Anyone with gastritis usually is very aware of the dangers involved with these foods as they are often the ones that, in the past, have triggered very bad attacks.

A gastritis diet should also include the avoidance of caffeine products such as coke, coffee and cocoa. Most doctors realize that it’s not too hard to give up chocolate but taking away coffee may prove difficult. It is recommended to start gradually so that you can judge how it is affecting you, and gradually increase it to amounts you are comfortable with.

Last but not least, your gastritis diet needs to include 6-8 glasses of water a day as well as some low acid fruit drinks.

This is an easy condition to treat and recover from, especially when on a gastritis diet, although those with chronic gastritis may find that it takes them a little longer to make a complete recovery.

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