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Can You Take Probiotics and Prebiotics Together?

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Have you been taking probiotics? If you have, chances are good you love the way you feel. But what if there were two things that could make you feel even better? Two things you could do that would banish bloating, get rid of gas and help you remove digestive ailments for good? The great news is that these two things exist, and both are easy to do! One is taking prebiotics along with your probiotics, and the other is using the food combining system.

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that help probiotics grow. Probiotics ferment prebiotics and use them as a source of energy in your body. If you take them together, prebiotics and probiotics have what is called a symbiotic effect. They work together to give you even better digestive health. The probiotics, fed by prebiotics, keep your intestines populated with “good” bacteria.

If you want to take prebiotics and probiotics at the same time, you can. It is not necessary, however. You can take one in the morning and one at night, or take both at night. Follow the directions of your supplements for the correct dosages. People take different amounts of each one and some people take more than others. It will not take long for you to find the dosages that work best for you.

You may have a family member or friend who has raved about food combining, and for good reason. Food combining is a way to eat that involves eating certain types of foods together. The reason for this is simple: your body has several different types of enzymes it can produce for digestion. When these enzymes are produced in the wrong combination, food takes longer to digest and your stomach acid increases. This can make you feel bloated or sick.

When you eat the right natural, whole foods together, this doesn’t happen. Your digestion will work smoothly and easily, and you’ll feel better than ever. Gas, bloating, heartburn and even IBD will be a thing of the past.

Try food combining with your prebiotics and probiotics to see what a difference good food and good eating can make.

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