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Gastritis Foods To Enjoy And Avoid

So, you’ve been diagnosed with a very common ailment; Gastritis. What’s very comforting, the disorder is not particularly life-threatening, but where do you go from here? How do you stop that burning, gassy stomach from hurting you even more? That’s when your common sense and sense of self-preservation comes into play. Your doctor will have lots of advice for you so please listen to all of it and then decide what’s best for you.

Foods You Can Enjoy With Gastritis

While you are having an ‘episode’ of gastritis, your list of foods to enjoy will necessarily be smaller. Fortunately even if you crave spicy food, once you’ve cut back dramatically on spices you’ll find yourself enjoying your meals just as much with a hint of spice as with a large amount. Literally, you’re training your tongue to taste more. Soothing, comforting meals in a relaxed atmosphere will help digestion more than you suspect. Try to eat more whole foods such as vegetables, fruits (without peels if they’re irritating) and whole grains. Fiber, especially water-soluble fiber, is excellent for the stomach because it gives stomach acid plenty to do while buffering the effects of any potential irritants. Lower, but not extremely low-fat foods will help prevent further discomfort. Small, frequent meals keep the stomach from over secreting acid.

Foods To Avoid With Gastritis

Sorry, but alcohol in any form is extremely irritating to the stomach; you’ll want to cut down or quit. Fortunately the pain of gastritis makes it worth your while. Coffee, and sometimes tea, cause overproduction of stomach acid, as well as being acidic in themselves. NSAIDs, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, reduce inflammation but aggravate gastritis conditions. Smoking is probably the worst culprit in making gastric conditions worse. As well as causing inflammation itself, it prevents healing of the stomach lining and contributes to the greater risk of stomach cancer already facing gastritis sufferers.

In addition, eating more slowly and really enjoying the foods you can have not only help the gastritis symptoms, your digestion will be much improved by chewing your food more and keeping it in your mouth longer. Digestion begins with your saliva, it has properties which begin the breakdown of your food long before it reaches your stomach. Eating more slowly will also help you lose weight and be more satisfied with each meal. All this advice and more is available from your physician and the Internet, as well as thousands of specialty recipes for your particular needs.

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