What Are The Most Common IBS Trigger Foods?

Managing irritable bowel syndrome is very tricky, especially when it comes to determining the foods that may trigger flare ups. Although these foods may vary from one person to the other, there are common foods most likely be the culprit. Here is a list of the most common IBS trigger foods to be aware of:

Dairy Products

These include milk, cheese cream, butter, and even yogurt. Even products that contain dairy ingredients can upset the stomach. If you are lactose intolerant, it is important to be very careful about foods that contain cream, cheese, milk or butter.

Fiber-rich Foods

Foods high in insoluble fiber can be a problem to some people. Wheat bran, whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta have high amounts of insoluble fiber. However, some people may also suffer from IBS after eating foods that contain moderate insoluble fiber, which includes whole grain crackers, popcorn, nuts, and millet.

Sweets and Sweeteners

These include foods rich in fructose like honey, fruit juices, and dried fruits. It also includes foods that contain sweeteners like malitol and sorbitol. There are also chewing gum and candy that make use of these sweeteners so it is best to research the ingredients of processed foods before ingesting them.


Lentils and beans commonly cause digestive problems in a lot of people. However, this is also true to other seeds that are commonly eaten for food. Seeds are quite hard to digest, thus causing digestive problems like bloating, gas, and sometimes diarrhea.


Beverages are technically not food, but for the sake of providing information on things that cause IBS, it is worth it to include in this list. Caffeinated, carbonated and alcoholic drinks are known to cause stomach problems like bloating, pain, and gas. You can easily notice the effects of these drinks after a party. In addition, beverages that contain caffeine also cause IBS, especially when taken in large amounts.

Fatty Foods

Deep fried pork or chicken, tasty steak, sausages, and hamburgers are particularly common causes of irritable bowel syndrome. This can be attributed to the tedious digestive process it requires to be assimilated into the body. Instead of eating fatty foods, it is best to stick to lean meat and low fat protein alternatives like fish.


The famous dessert is one of the common foods that cause digestive discomfort in some people. It is rich in antioxidants and a very delicious treat. Nonetheless, it may be good to stay away from it if it causes digestive problems.

Final Word

Having a good knowledge in foods that cause common digestive problems is definitely a good solution to avoiding IBS. However, it is important to eat a balanced diet full of healthy vegetables and fruits, as well as other important nutrient sources. Eating the right combination of foods will not only be good for your health, it will also help stop common digestive problems like IBS.

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