What Is Colitis?

Colitis, also known as ulcerative colitis, is a form of inflammatory bowel disease. Unlike Crohn’s disease, colitis only affects the colon (large intestine) and rectum. It can affect both men and women and can develop in children as well as adults. There is no known cure for colitis, but it is treatable.

Colitis causes inflammation to occur in the large intestine and rectum. Although this inflammation usually only occurs in the lower part of the intestine (the sigmoid colon) and the rectum, it can affect the entire colon. This inflammation occurs in the lining of the colon. It can also cause ulcers (sores) to form in the lining, giving the disease its name.

Most people who have colitis are diagnosed with it before they are age thirty. Colitis is usually a chronic disease, meaning that it develops over a period of time instead of suddenly. It appears in continuous stretches of the colon, unlike Crohn’s disease, which can occur in any parts of the digestive tract.

For many people with colitis, the disease will go into remission and may stay there for months or even years. When flare-ups do occur, they can last for weeks or several months. Treatment usually involves medication to reduce the symptoms and help keep them in remission. An estimated five to ten percent of all colitis patients experience constant symptoms.

In addition to medication, food combining can help reduce colitis symptoms and help prevent flare-ups. Food combining uses the principles of complimentary food combination to help you eat the right foods together and avoid the bad combinations. Even eating wholesome, healthy foods can still have a negative impact if they are eaten without food combining.

When you eat the right foods together, your stomach only needs to produce one type of digestive enzyme. Your stomach does not have to work too hard to digest your food the way it does when you eat incompatible combinations. Food combining can eliminate the gas, bloating, heartburn and diarrhea that can result from eating this way. It will help reduce the chances of colitis flaring up and becoming active again. Try food combining and see what an amazing difference it will make in your digestive health.

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