What Is Good for Acute Gastritis?

When acute gastritis strikes, the burning, gnawing pain it can cause may make it seem as though no relief is in sight. The inflammation gastritis causes can make eating or drinking feel miserable to you. Fortunately, gastritis is treatable, and there are lifestyle choices and medications that will help get rid of gastritis for good. If you’re suffering from acute gastritis, here are some things that will have your stomach back to good health fast.

Medication may be necessary to cure your gastritis, especially if it’s caused by an infection of H. pylori bacteria. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection. If your acute gastritis has another cause, antibiotics will likely be unnecessary, but there are several medications that affect the acid levels of the stomach that will help it to heal. Antacids neutralize acid that has already formed in the stomach and help to restore the pH balance. Histamine blockers reduce the level of acid that is released into your digestive tract. Proton pump inhibitors block acid production, reducing how much acid your stomach produces and promoting healing.

Lifestyle changes also play an important role in helping acute gastritis. Stress can aggravate gastritis flare-ups, so activities such as yoga or meditation will help relax you and keep stress levels down. Eating smaller meals will stop the stomach from producing as much acid and help prevent gastritis from occurring. Alcohol is a known irritant of the stomach lining, so if you drink decrease the amount of alcohol you consume to one or two drinks a day at the most. Certain foods are known to trigger bouts of gastritis as well. To prevent food from aggravating or causing gastritis, reduce or eliminate these from your diet: tomatoes and tomato products, citrus fruits and juices, and any foods that are spicy, fried or high in fat.

When it comes to eating better to help prevent and heal acute gastritis, unprocessed, natural foods are best. To maximize the benefits of eating more wholesome foods, use food combining. Food combining not only helps with gastritis, but many other digestive ailments such as IBS, acid reflux, and bloating. Food combining teaches you that some foods should not be eaten together, no matter how delicious the combination might taste. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes are a good example of this.

Eating combinations of foods that digest at the same speed, and with the same enzymes, means that your stomach doesn’t struggle to digest everything you put in it. This means no gas, no bloating, no heartburn and no diarrhea. Your digestive system will have much less stress placed on it, which helps it to heal from acute gastritis and other problems that occur from eating the wrong foods in the wrong combinations. Food combining may sound too good to be true, but millions of people use it and feel better than ever in as little as 24 hours. Try food combining and see for yourself what an amazing difference it makes.

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