What Is the Best Treatment for Colitis?

Colitis is a long-term inflammatory bowel disease. It causes inflammation to appear in the colon and rectum. The cause of colitis is not definite but scientists believe it occurs due to genetic factors or an abnormal immune system response. Although there is presently no cure for the disease, it is treatable. Through the use of dietary changes and medication, most people with colitis can lead productive and rewarding lives.

Medication is one of the best treatment options for colitis. Antidiarrheal medications helps control the frequent diarrhea people with colitis experience, and anti-inflammatory medications such as aminosalicylates help with other symptoms such as abdominal pain. For those with mild symptoms, this may be all the medication needed to keep the disease in remission.

People who suffer from moderate to severe colitis usually need stronger medicine, such as immunomodulator medication or a biologic drug. These help treat colitis by suppressing the immune system or preventing the body from having an inflammatory response. By reducing inflammation in the colon, these medicines keep colitis dormant longer and more frequently.

Changes in diet are the other best way to treat colitis. Although there is not one single diet that is best for everyone who has this disease, there are many types of foods that are known to aggravate symptoms. High fiber foods can often trigger colitis because they produce gas and cause frequent bowel movements. Examples of these foods are raw fruits and vegetables, beans, cabbage, and whole grains. People with colitis should moderate their intake of fiber to find their personal healthy fiber level.

Foods that are high in fat are another common trigger. Fried foods, high-fat cuts of meat, oils, butter and margarine can all cause a flare-up or make symptoms worse. To avoid the risks associated with these foods, people with colitis should eat lean meats and reduce their consumption of fried and high-fat foods. Using low-fat margarine and mayonnaise will help. Oil should be used sparingly and foods should be baked, steamed, or grilled instead of fried.

One other important point about dietary changes is to eat using food combining. Food combining is a safe, easy way to eat foods in combinations that are compatible for digestion. When you eat fruit with a protein, for example, your stomach has to produce two different types of enzymes to digest these foods because you ate them together. This can cause heartburn, cramps, and gas and aggravate a colitis flare-up.

When you eat using the principles of food combining, this will not happen. Your stomach will only produce one type of digestive enzyme, and the digestive process runs smoothly and with no added stress. Food combining can help keep your colitis symptoms in check and help you feel better than ever. Learn more about food combining and experience for yourself the difference it will make in your life.

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