What Size Supplement Should be Taken in Probiotics?

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You’ve probably heard the expression about “too much of a good thing,” and probiotics are definitely a good thing. Probiotics give us a healthy balance of digestive bacteria and strengthen our immune systems be keeping “bad” bacteria in check. Although it would be very difficult to accidentally overdose on probiotics, that doesn’t mean that you should take more than is truly needed to get the desired results. So what does that mean as far as your daily dose is concerned? What size supplement should be taken in probiotics?

The size of the supplement you take depends on the reason why you’re taking the probiotics. If you are taking them to help maintain the bacteria balance in your digestive system, you should take a supplement size that has between 1 and 15 billion CFU, also called Colony Forming Units, in each dose. Colony Forming Units is the amount per dose of good bacteria the supplement contains.

If you are currently taking antibiotics or just finished taking antibiotics, you will need a higher dose to help replenish all the good bacteria killed by the antibiotics. During your antibiotic regimen, take probiotics supplements that have between 15-50 billion CFU on a daily basis. Maintain this higher dose for seven days after you finish the medication, then switch back to the normal daily maintenance dose.

No matter what size supplement your probiotics should be, there is another great way to help your digestive system stay in top form: using food combining. This remarkable system of eating involves eating foods in combinations that work together with, not against, your stomach’s digestion process. Some foods are acidic in nature, and others are alkaline in nature. And together these two bases will neutralize each other, causing a lot of digestion woes.

So what do you get if you eat wholesome, unprocessed foods in the right combinations? It’s what you don’t get that is so amazing. You don’t get gas, nausea, bloating or diarrhea. And if you’ve been suffering from inflammatory bowel disease or chronic constipation, those conditions will improve or disappear in as little as a few weeks. Food combining is safe for the entire family, so if you’re sick of feeling sick at your stomach, start food combining today.

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