What to Eat When You Have Gastritis?

When you’re suffering from gastritis, trying to figure out what you should or shouldn’t eat can be difficult. Some foods you will have no problems with, and others can make the burning in your stomach feel like a volcano is about to erupt. Although gastritis is easily treated and a temporary condition, it is good to know what foods can be eaten safely and which ones should be avoided until the gastritis is cured. Once the inflammation has healed, you can experiment with other foods to see if they will cause a flare-up of the condition.

Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Although it is usually caused by the overuse of NASIDs or an infection of H. pylori bacteria, other factors can influence having a painful episode. One of these is food and beverages. Because gastritis is closely tied to excess stomach acid, foods that are difficult to digest or are highly acidic will create more acid, which can lead to a flare-up.

Breads and starches are usually safe, as long as they are not fried. So while pretzels will not hurt your gastritis, potato chips and French fries may. Avoid any foods that are dipped in batter or breaded and deep fried. Taco chips, corn chips and other fried starchy snack foods should also be avoided, as the fat and grease will cause excess stomach acid.

Most fruits are good to eat during gastritis, with a few exceptions. Avoid citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. Also avoid juices made from these fruits. Eat mild fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, and berries.

Vegetables can be eaten fresh, frozen, or canned; however, there are some you should avoid because they are acidic or cause bloating and gas, all of which can make gastritis more painful. If any of the following cause discomfort, avoid them until your gastritis is better: tomatoes and tomato products, bell peppers, broccoli, chilies, pickled vegetables, garlic, cauliflower, and cabbage. Salads without any triggering vegetables are also good if eaten with a low-fat dressing that doesn’t contain a lot of spices.

For meat, avoid fatty, spicy cuts and meat that has been fried in oil. This includes steaks, sausage, cold cuts, ribs that have been covered in BBQ sauce, and beef jerky. Good meats to eat when you have gastritis are baked or grilled chicken, turkey, and seafood. A serving of peanut butter is fine, but avoid nuts, tofu, and beans if they cause pain or gas.

Alcohol is well-known as a stomach irritant and source of gastritis pain. Avoid beer, wine, and liquor while you are recovering. Soft drinks and coffee can adversely affect some people who suffer from gastritis because of the caffeine and acidity, so avoid these beverages if you find they upset your stomach. Low-fat and skim milk are usually safe but avoid full-fat milk and buttermilk. Water is the best choice, but herbal teas, caffeine-free beverages, and apple or grape juice are also fine.

Low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, pudding, and cheese are safe. As with milk, however, consider avoiding full-fat dairy products. Certain types of cheeses, such as jalapeño or black pepper, can also irritate the stomach and should be discontinued if they aggravate your gastritis.

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