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Heartburn and other digestive problems have become a rising issue all over the world in more recent years. With most of the Western population surviving on oily junk food, the risen number of cases of people suffering from digestive problems seems quite inevitable. Many have always preferred the safer and natural option to dealing with health problems over the traditional over the counter chemical based medicines. The only problem being, with so many claiming to provide the perfect information that is required in order to prevent these problems by the use of natural remedies, which can you really trust.

The internet is a great place to get information but if you are not careful, you could end up believing something which in effect could cause you more harm than good. An expert health researcher, Sherry Brescia has always been closely dealing with patients that have suffered from digestive problems.

Great Taste No Pain Is The Solution For Nearly All Digestive Ailments – Click Here To Get It For A Low One Off Price

She her self has suffered from quite severe pains in the past which has led her on her quest to find the perfect natural ways in preventing digestive problems. She began her research like many online, but seeing that she has the expert knowledge, realized that most of the information that was claimed to be correct was as an actual fact incorrect. It really caused a level of concern seeing that many are known to believe what they read on the internet to be true.

This led her to the making of great taste no pain, where she has aimed at providing the true facts and the ways in which you can simply permanently stop all your digestive and stomach problems. Great taste no pain is a relatively new website, however is one that has achieved the biggest success rate in comparison to any other health website. When it initially launched in 2007, there was a lot of speculation about how trustworthy the information is that Sherry herself is providing. However with due course and as time progressed, nearly all customers came back satisfied and amazed by the results that were achieved thanks to the information that was shared by Sherry.

Sherry has always claimed that there is no real “rocket science” behind it. Being in the research profession, she has used her experience and knowledge to help others recovering from a problem that she like many people had to suffer from. Great taste no pain is offering a small booklet of information for free to provide you with key information of how one can deal with all their digestive problems and to show you that her product is the real deal. The package is known to include various methods and approaches to change your diet that you can take in order to completely stop your problems in less than a day. The recipe book included is a real customer hit.

The information she is offering on the website is said to be “fool proof” that she is confidently offering a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, you can simply return the books and get a full refund. Her website, great taste no pain, contains many testimonials of satisfied customers which are very personal to the individuals that were willing to share their life experience and how the information given by Sherry has changed their lives for the better, as it can change yours if you are willing to give it a try.

Great Taste No Pain Is The Solution For Nearly All Digestive Ailments – Click Here To Get It For A Low One Off Price

42 thoughts on “Great Taste No Pain

  1. admin

    Hello Helen,

    please click on the link in the post or the banner and you will get to the page where you can sign up for the free white paper and there will be instructions on how to order too.

  2. Cindy Perkins

    this is actually for a friend of mine who has constant problems with her digestive system. I am so hoping this will help her.
    Thank you!



  4. admin

    yes. If you buy the package on the website you get all the books plus the pocket guide for $39.97 plus a small fee for shipping.

  5. Karin Potgieter

    Do you have any resellers of the book in South Africa? I am worried if I order the package that the shipping will cost me more than the entire package. 🙂

  6. admin

    Hi Karin,

    the package is only sold online from the official site, there are no resellers anywhere in the world.
    The standard international shipping for the package is $13.50 (9-18 days), priority shipping is $19.00 (2-8 days).
    If you don’t want to pay for the shipping you can buy the download-able version of the Great Taste No Pain Program,
    it can be found here:

    Just click through to the sales page if you already have the Pain Free In 1 Day white paper. This version costs $44.97
    and you can access the whole program immediately after payment.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  7. Boris

    Is any limit to water or tea/herbal tea consumption besides beverage option for breakfast,lunch and dinner? How about mid-morning snack and mid-afternoon snack?
    Those my primary drinks during the day. The same question regarding vegetable juice.

    Thank you.

  8. Addie

    I am not sure what this entails and would like more information before I order the books. What is a typical day in the diet like?

  9. admin

    Hi Boris,

    if you click on the link below the article, you will get to a page where you can sign up for the free white paper, which includes a 4 day diet plan. This gives you an impression how the great taste no pain system works. There is no limit on tea consumption and a mid morning/afternoon snack is included as well. The key is the right combination of foods.

    This is what you will learn with the system and you can put together your own diet plan to your liking. You are free to use the great recipes included, but you are not required to do so.

  10. admin


    this is where the free white paper comes in. It includes a 4 day sample diet plan you can follow and find out if the system is right for you. Just click on the link below the article and you will be taken to the sign up form for the free white paper.

  11. Bernadette

    I would like to receive the free white pages. I have acute diverticulitis and IBS and am contemplating surgery. First, I am researching other options.

  12. Kelly

    In your response to Karrin from south Africa you state that the books is only available online from the offical site. I have seen it on Amazon so that information is not accurate

  13. admin

    Kelly, you can get the recipe book alone (not the whole system) from, that is right. I just checked Amazon and you can get the recipe book only for $39.00 and the manuals for $75.00 (must be a private seller). That would be a total of $114 for the whole system. You can get the whole system on the official site for $39.97 plus shipping. Now you decide where to buy.

  14. Caroline English

    I have already purchased the materials and can’t locate my white paper –
    I have seen success but was wondering if someone could advise on the use of cayenne pepper ?? it is a reported Anti-Oxident I know, but what might it do to someone with IBS ??? It is a heavy ingredient in low fat / calorie restricted meals I am taking and every day I feel sick . Thanks

  15. Jen

    My dad started this system just over two years ago, at the age of 67. He was suffering with a monthly bout of diverticulitis, and, like many of the “converts”, was scheduled for surgery. He started this program, and has not has a single attack in over two years. He has only had to make minor changes to his diet, like being more careful about what he combines. As his almost 42 year old daughter, I am ready to try this myself. I poo-pooed it at first, because I want fries with my burger! But I have really bad reflux and a recurring esophageal ulcer that wakes me up at night with terrible pain several times a year. I don’t drink, I killed my diet Coke habit, and I still have problems. My dad also takes the probiotics that Dr Brescia recommends, and they allow him to occasionally “cheat”. All I know, my dad is thrilled at the success. He turns 70 next week and is in fantastic health and great shape. He may have finally made a believer out of me! Because of his success, I felt compelled to write. It isn’t a gimmick.

  16. Mike

    I had purchased some time ago and wnet away from it. I am back at it again as stomach pain, IBS symptoms are back. In the ‘4 day’ section at the end of the 80 page book, it gives options for mid day snacks, etc.

  17. Lisa Yoak

    Absolutely CURED my gall bladder symptoms of nausea and bloating when I ate certain things! I will never eat any other way! I cannot believe how good I feel now opposed to how I felt before I started this food combining. AND, you can basically eat anything…. just not certain things together. A little hard to get used to, but when you feel as crappy as I did, it was easy.
    FYI – I’m a 47 year old (otherwise healthy)female.

    Also, my husband has had gastritis since he was a child – this has all but cure that in him, as well. He goes off of this “program” at times (to mis-combine his favorite foods) and he regrets it every time! Goes right back to eating healthily!

  18. Daniela van Lohuizen

    First things first: the eatingmethod works – my husband and i are painfree, content, enjoying our meals and life after changing our eating habit.
    I would like to mention though that the RECIPE book is useless. Almost every single recipe contains one or more exceptions to the rules that are stated in the book!(for instance fruit in baked goods, eggs with wheat, cheese in pasta) Which is not necessary, and; more important generates an allover wrong impression – and this way undermining the statement that its possible to eat like this- with some creativity and common sense you can come up with lots of alternatives fitting much more within this way of eating.

  19. Sheilagh Rowland

    l have been on Sherrys G.T.N.P. for over a year now. I found her site by typing in “diverticulitis” followed her 4 day plan and voile l have not looked back.Also in the process of getting better from stomach pain(severe many times) l have lost 3 stones in weight and never felt so good.I use the probiotic and hydroxaden 2.5 spray,family members also take the probiotic.Now if any one is sceptical about this,then,they havent tried it,or are not using as instructed, because the proof of the pudding is in the eating(excuse the pun).I can only say Sherry has been my saviour and needs more recognition as to the marvelous work she has done for all of us sufferers.

  20. Heather Skubish

    The Great Taste No Pain.. Plan.. Is so fantastic! I started on it and immediately saw results.. No bloat.. Everything flowing.. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  21. Michael Daniels

    Hi Is this for real. I suffer with Gastritis, and have been having anxiety attacks along with the feeling of fullness and occasional pain in the upper abdomen and some pain around the chest area also. The stress of not knowing what to eat or if its going to bring on an attack is driving me crazy. So would appreciate it if you could reply and tell me that it will worl for me and that you nut just another computer scam.
    Also I am in Cape Town South Africa are the items regularly available all over the world.
    Thank you in advance and in the hope of being well
    Michael Daniels

  22. admin

    Great Taste No Pain is for real. It has helped thousands and thousands of people all around the world. Please go to: and sign up for the newsletter. You will get Pain Free In One Day where you can follow a sample diet plan for 4 days and some more great info for free. If you follow the free diet plan and see that it works for you you can order the whole system. It is shipped worldwide.

  23. carolyn waller

    new email send infomation and newsletters too. I have been using your probiotics for 2 years they are the best I have ulcerative colitis these are great I also have great taste no pain it works thanks

  24. Duane M

    Ive been on the system for a months now, I can honestly say that it works! If your on the fence just pull the trigger. I feel amazing now!

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