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The Foods That Cause Heartburn

There are many foods that cause heartburn. It is something that we all have definitely experienced at least once in our life time. It tends to be very discomforting and quite painful. Heartburn has led many to be cautious about the type of foods that one should eat. It is important to remember that every individual is different and that we all will react differently to certain food products. However there are certain foods that cause heartburn which should generally be avoided or only consumed in moderation.

The foods that cause heartburn include:

1. One of the most common foods that cause heartburn are citrus fruits and tomatoes. The reason being is that these fruits and vegetables are very high in acidity. This in result increases the amount of acid you have in your stomach and as a result make you suffer from heartburn. You will most probably experience heartburn in your throat and chest.

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2. Other foods that cause heartburn practically include anything that is fried in content. Any fast food that has been cooked in a deep fryer should definitely be avoided. These foods are also known to have high acidity levels which in result will make you suffer from severe heartburn. The most common foods that cause heartburn fall under the Mexican, Indian and Italian categories.

3. Other contents that should be avoided to prevent heartburn include alcohol, fizzy sodas and any drink with caffeine. Any drink that is carbonated is definitely a no as well. The common drinks that we consume including coffee should highly be avoided.

4.Foods that cause heartburn also tend to include a particular range of food items which are legumes, nuts, animal fats, pasta, pork, beef, eggs, sugars and even chocolates. Consuming such products on a regular basis has always led many to suffer from extreme heartburn.

If you are suffering from heartburn and it is becoming quite regular, you should try and keep track of what you eat and when you eat it. It is important that if you are suffering from heartburn quite frequently that you should cut down drastically on the food items mentioned above. Only when you have drastically reduced your heartburn events should you then start to focus on a balanced diet of eating everything in moderation. Keeping a journal can be quite handy when it comes to keeping track of what to eat and what not to eat.

If you do decide to use a journal to keep track of what you plan to eat and when to eat it, try leaving a column out for the amount you eat as well. It is recommended by many health experts that you would be better of consuming five smaller meals a day in comparison to the standard three large meals. This gives your body a longer time to digest the good and as a result drastically reduces the chances of you suffering from heartburn. If you still face any problems it is best to consult a doctor.

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How To Get Rid Of Heartburn

Heartburn in recent years has become a more common problem than expected. Due to our fast paced lifestyles, many are seen surviving on oily junk food. Consuming such food on a “once in a blue moon” basis would not bring any concern. Seeing however that such a diet as become a daily norm, it has risen a concern about the number of cases of heartburn. Due to this many are found looking for ways to get rid of heartburn and the possible measures they can do to keep them away for good.

Heartburn is a serious problem that one should give grave consideration to. It is very important that if one is suffering from heartburn that they find a way to get rid of heartburn before it turns into something more complicated. Many feel that heartburn is a simple pain that one experiences due to eating oil food; however the facts are much more terrifying. If you are suffering from heartburn on a regular basis, make sure you are looking at ways to get rid of heartburn before it becomes a more serious condition. And this is no understatement.

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Heartburn has already become of great concern around the world, however the biggest number of cases are still found here in America. Many specialists and researchers have been trying to look at permanent measures that one can take in order to get rid of heartburn.

The phrase “you are what you eat” is quite relevant when considering how to get rid of heartburn. What you eat plays a major role, when it comes to deciding on how to get rid of heartburn. 95% of the time, heartburn is caused by the type of food we eat. The remaining 5% is due to the lack of exercise that we do. When any health problem is related to a persons independent lifestyle of what they eat and the amount of exercise they do, there isn’t much a physician can do other than advise you. At the end of the day, you will be required to take the necessary steps.

The most sensible thing to do when considering how to get rid of heartburn is to change your diet and lifestyle. You should look at your diet carefully and see what you are consuming on a regular basis. You should heavily cut down on any junk fast food that you may be consuming without realizing. Any oily food that has been deep fried is a definite no. Try sticking to a healthy diet plan that consists of fruits and vegetables. Even though we understand that the life we live in today is very fast paced, does not give us an excuse to rely on junk food. There are many healthy options that are in actual fact more “fast” than the ordinary McDonald’s fast food that we usually tend to go for.

It is also important that we try doing as much exercise as possible. Instead of taking the easy options of using elevators and escalators, try opting to use the stairs. It is best to start somewhere.

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Are Heartburn Natural Treatments Worth It?

If you have suffered from heartburn then you are sure to know what real pain is about. Heartburn is becoming very common in America alone. It is a global issue but the worst is here in the US. The causes have been due to the lack of care when it comes to what food types one should eat and which one shouldn’t. I personally have suffered from heartburn on a number of occasions which has led to me to wonder whether or not heartburn natural treatments are better than the normal pharmaceutical ones. Heartburn natural treatments are more ideally seen to be used where one frequently suffers from heartburn. In comparison to the standard chemical based medicines, they are seen as a safer option.

When I first suffered from heartburn a couple of years ago, I was found consuming regular pills that could easily be bought of the shelf from any well known pharmacy. Seeing that my cultural food was high in fat and oil, it soon began an on going thing to consume a pill after every meal. It seemed as if it became part of my diet. After a while I began to realize a few unwanted side effects which led me to wonder about the possible heartburn natural treatments that are available in today’s day and age.

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After doing some thorough research I was able to come across some interesting information in regards to heartburn natural treatments. It started with me changing my diet and lifestyle which led me to see a huge change in my heartburn problems. I started to consumer a more balanced diet that consumed more of vegetables and fruit. I highly cut down on my fat and oil intake and resorted to regular physical activities and exercise to balance the flow of consuming food and burning it off. Within a couple of months I began to see a drastic change in both my weight and body. Where I was known to suffer from extreme heartburn on a week in week out basis, it has been a good couple of months since I had even thought of eating another heartburn pill.

If you are also suffering from heartburn, it is recommended that you should try and change both your lifestyle and diet. Eat less and exercise more has always been a great motto to follow. There are many heartburn natural treatments that can definitely help. By simply making a few small changes in one’s life style, you can also be free of heartburn. You should start of being exercising regularly, even if it is for 30 minutes a day. If you find going to the gym boring, then opt for a sports that will physically challenge your body such as swimming, boxing, karate, football, rugby etc.

Try sticking to a healthier diet. Cut down on your junk intake and stop eating any spicy foods if you were doing so. Stick to a balanced diet approach of eating as much fruit and vegetables as possible. If you are known to drink alcohol, make sure you cut down on your alcohol intake or even better, just completely stop.

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The Types Of Heartburn Medicine

Many are suffering from heartburn on a more regular basis than before. America is the only country where it is said that at least every person has suffered from heartburn problems at least once in their lifetime. This has led to the increase awareness of heartburn medicine. Many tend to opt for the chemical or pharmaceutical heartburn medicines which are okay to take, however if heartburn is a regular problem, this really is not healthy. There are many natural heartburn medicines that one should consider over the standard chemical based ones seeing that they are a more healthy choice.

We have taken the time and liberty to research many natural heartburn medicines that are still in effective use. We have mentioned most of them below. Do keep in mind that it is important to realize that these natural heartburn medicines will vary in its effectiveness depending on the individual person. Some tend to respond better than others. If you are found suffering from any previous medical problems, it is recommended to consult a physician before deciding to consume any of the natural heartburn medicines mentioned below.

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Eating almonds have always been known as a great way to reduce the chances of heartburn. It is recommended that one should consume at least 7 almonds a day for a healthy mind and body. They should be taken prior to meals or an hour before you decide to sleep. Another great form of home heartburn medicine is bananas. Bananas are known to contain a natural anti-acid in them that basically counteracts against the acidic environment in a persons stomach. If you do not like eating fresh bananas, you can always opt for the dry or powdered ones as they have the same effect.

Another good form of home heartburn medicine includes eating pineapples. They are known to contain enzymes which simply break down protein and help in digestion and preventing inflammation. If you opt for drinking pineapple juice, which is also a viable option seeing that the enzymes will be able to counteract against the acidic stomach environment. Other than pineapples, other raw fruits and vegetables are also a great source of heartburn medicine. These would include apples, white potatoes and even carrots. These are particularly well known to give great heartburn relief. This form of home heartburn medicine has now been used for many years and has great effect.

Many are surprised when they hear that consuming vinegar is also a great way to counter heartburn problems. Seeing that vinegar is an acid it self, it kind of seems ironic that it would help rather then the expected of it making the situation worse. If is a famous Japanese formula that has been used for many a years now that have proven that with the right mixture and consuming the right amount, vinegar can be as effective as any other home heartburn medicine.

It is recommended that before you decide to consume any form of home heartburn medicine that you decide to consult a doctor.

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Do Home Remedies For Heartburn Really Work?

Heartburn is of major concern. If not treated promptly, it can turn into something more serious. The problem is many do not like the concept of having to consume chemical based medicine to cure their problems which is why many look for alternatives such as home remedies for heartburn. The only question is if home remedies for heartburn really work? Or is it a simply myth?

There are many articles claiming to have the best home remedies for heartburn but which actually work? There are a few that have been tested and proven my medical experts who are mentioned below, so you can definitely rely on them. One of the most popular forms of home remedies for heartburn includes fennel. Fennel is a seasoning seed that is often found in any homes spice rack. These are more commonly known to be used when one decides to make tea by simply boiling one or two seeds.

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There are other companies that also sell home remedies for heartburn in the form of fennel oil. This can also be used to help counter heartburn problems.

Another very popular form of home remedies for heartburn includes peppermint. Other minds may also be quite useful; however peppermint is known to give the fastest and more effective results as research has shown. Most of the heart burn products that we tend to buy to relieve our pain are known to contain peppermint oil.

Most home remedies for heartburn that are offered for sale in some rare herbal shops are always known to contain some form of mint oil, mostly peppermint. It is quite simple to grow peppermint in your garden. If you do decide to use this approach, you can simply buy them from any supermarket and chew on the washed leaves and stem. That is always been known to give instant relief from heartburn. If the idea of chewing on a raw leaf does not sound as appealing, you can always place the leaf and boil it when making tea. It will just give your tea a hint of mint, but will still provide the same effect of relieving your heartburn pain. It is important to remember that any caffeine related products should be highly avoided.

Another popular and favorite home remedies for heartburn include ginger root or ginger. These are also quite normally found in many herbal and home remedies. These can be found quite easily in any grocery store and is popularly used for cooking. You would not expect to find such ingredients in over the counter medicine, but most herbal remedies will definitely have some extracts of ginger in them.

Similar to the peppermint, you can chew on a junk of ginger for a few minutes to get instant relief. The most common places to find ginger would be any Asia or Thai food store. If you do not want to chew on a raw ginger, than you can always cook it in the form of a stew. It will still provide the same effect as chewing on it raw would.

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Do You Suffer From Acid Heartburn?

Acid heartburn is mainly caused due to the diet we consume. By making a few slight changes in our diet, you will definitely be able to control your acid heartburn.

Some of the other external causes of acid heartburn include smoking and excessive drinking. If you haven’t already done so, then it is recommended to stop both smoking and drinking as this does play a vital role. When one mentions a change in diet, it does not necessarily mean that one has to completely change what he or she eats. Some minor adjustments on the amount they consume can more than often be enough to do the trick.

The frequency your consume meals at during a normal day and the amount you consume will have a major impact on your digestive system along with your acid heartburn. If you are consuming small amounts of food then the likely hood is that your acid heartburn will reduce dramatically. The reason being is that small amounts of food tend to produce less acid and as a result produce less pressure on the oesophageal. When one consumes large amounts of food it produces a much larger pressure and acid which more than often leaks out of the oesophageal causing severe acid heartburn.

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Specialists that deal with acid heartburn cases suggest it is ideal to eat 5 smaller meals a day in comparison to the standard 3 large meals. It is recommended and strictly advised not to sleep before allowing your food to digest for at least 3 hours. This greatly reduces the chances of acid reflux when lying down. You should also pay close attention to your diet.

The most common foods that lead to severe heartburn are due to not being able to digest lemons, oranges, grapefruit and tomatoes. It may sound ironic but a cool glass of lemonade on a warm summer day can also result in acid heartburn. If you are suffering from heartburn on a continuous basis then it is highly recommended to drink as much water as possible.

Lay low on the drinks and mainly stick to water. Consuming as much water as possible also has its benefits when it comes to helping your body’s digestion process. As a result it also drastically reduces your heartburn problems. Drinking milk is not advised if you are suffering from acid heart burn. If you are required to consume milk then it is best to go for skim milk in moderation. To avoid any possibility of heartburn it is recommended to avoid any heavy dairy products that include ice cream, cottage cheese and even sour cram.

Another major cause for acid heartburn is due to the consumption of fried foods. These would include the standard French fries, fired chicken, deep fired meet and even fried chicken wings. If you want to eat such food it is best to either grill or steam the food as it will save the hassle of consuming excess oil. In general any food type that has a high fat intake should be avoided.

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What to Do for Heartburn?

One of out every ten Americans suffers from heartburn: that gnawing, burning, sickening feeling that seems to strike late at night after eating a meal high in fat, sugar or spicy processed foods. Heartburn is associated with everything from GERD to Crohn’s disease. The pain from heartburn is so intense that many people are afraid they are having a heart attack. The good news is that through natural eating of unprocessed foods and using the food combining system of eating, heartburn will quickly become a part of your past.

Heartburn occurs when you have an irritation of your esophagus caused by stomach acid. The lower esophageal sphincter muscle, the LES, usually keeps this acid in your stomach. But when the Les opens too frequently or doesn’t close all the way, stomach acid seeps into your esophagus. It creates a burning sensation in your chest right below your breastbone or in your upper abdomen. Problems with the LES usually happen because your stomach is too full of food or there’s too much pressure on it.

Certain foods are known to relax the LES, including citrus fruits, garlic, tomatoes, alcohol, caffeinated products and chocolate. Dishes that have a high fat or oil content and certain medications can also cause heartburn. Lack of sleep and stress contribute to heartburn, and smoking is a major contributor because it stimulates stomach acid.

While infrequent heartburn is usually no cause for alarm, recurrent heartburn is different. It is diagnosed as gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) and can cause serious complications and damage the esophagus. If heartburn occurs more than twice a week, causes difficulty in swallowing or doesn’t respond to over-the-counter medication, make an appointment to see a doctor.

If the burning sensation is accompanied by dizziness, jaw or shoulder pain, cold sweats or a feeling of tightness, seek medical help immediately to make sure it isn’t a heart attack. Also see a doctor immediately if you are vomiting blood or a black, coffee-ground looking material, you have bloody or black diarrhea, have extreme pain or have lost a severe amount of weight.

Your doctor may order one or more procedures to rule out some of the more serious causes of heartburn. One of these tests is an endoscopy, where a thin rod with a camera attached is slid down your throat so a doctor can see your esophagus. An X-ray can also show your esophagus. If you have unusual symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath, a 24-hour esophageal pH probe study may be performed. A narrow, flexible tube is inserted through your nose down into your esophagus, depositing a probe that stays there for 24 hours to measure your acid levels.

If nothing abnormal shows up in your tests and you are diagnosed with heartburn, the doctor will probably prescribe one of two types of medications. A histamine-2 blocker stops your body from producing as much stomach acid, which is helpful for treating heartburn but not as effective for esophagitis. Proton pump inhibitors block acid more effectively and much longer than histamine-2 blockers. Antacids may be suggested in conjunction with these medications for more effective treatment.

Although these medications are certainly helpful in treating heartburn, they can have side effects such as headache, nausea, gas, diarrhea, constipation or congestion. These side effects can be mild or they may seriously affect your quality of life. If you have experienced side effects from these medications or you just want a natural way to treat your heartburn from the start, changing your eating habits through food combining and eating unprocessed healthy food is the best place to start.

While many of the foods that can cause heartburn are natural foods like tomatoes, garlic and citrus fruit, there is a right way and a wrong way to eat any food. Fatty and fried foods stay in your stomach for a long time, leaving it stuffed and struggling to digest the heavy meal of steak and French fries you just put in it. And when you eat foods that clash in your stomach the way proteins and starches do, the result is not only heartburn but also possibly diarrhea or constipation as well.

With food combining, you learn what types of foods go together and what should be avoided. You will understand why eating BBQ ribs is bad (mixing sugar and protein) and why you shouldn’t eat corn with your chicken (mixing a starch and a protein). When you combine proteins with non-starchy vegetables or only eat one type of protein in a meal, your stomach’s digestive enzymes will work together and not against each other. Your food will digest faster and your stomach won’t have to produce as much acid. The result? A healthy digestive system, with no diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome or heartburn.

Start food combining and eating healthier foods today. Your stomach and heartburn will thank you for it.

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