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Why Processed Foods Are Bad For You…

…And What You Can Do To Avoid Being Scammed By The Food Industry

It’s Saturday morning, and you are trying to do your grocery shopping for the family. You are tired, hungry and in a rush. You know that you have been eating a lot of processed foods lately, but they’re so convenient. So you head towards the canned foods and frozen dinners to stock up for next week’s meals.

But something you read recently makes you stop for a moment. You read that processed foods are unhealthy, and that eating fresh foods and using food combining is the key to good health. But why? What’s so bad about these processed foods?

The answer is… everything.

A processed food is any food that has been altered from its natural state. Foods are usually processed in one of several ways, including canning, freezing, refrigerating and dehydrating. Some natural foods can become processed foods simply by freezing them, such as fresh meat or vegetables. This type of processing is not harmful as long as the food is unaltered. Unfortunately, hundreds of otherwise healthy, nutritious foods are ruined by processing. It is important to know the good from the bad to avoid being taken in by the food industry.

Processed foods that are bad for you contain high amounts of sodium, fat, refined flour, preservatives or sugar. Have you ever wondered why beef jerky lasts for a month, or a frozen chicken pot pie doesn’t expire for several months after you buy it? It’s because they are full of sodium and preservatives. Your body needs sodium to function properly, but when there is too much sodium in the diet, it can cause high blood pressure and fluid retention. Preservatives have been linked to many serious illnesses including several types of cancer.

The trans fats and high sugar levels in many processed foods are also dangerous to your health. Trans fats can cause heart attacks, strokes and contribute to obesity and infertility. They are mostly found in processed baked goods and fried foods. The large amounts of sugar found in packaged fruit juices, frozen desserts and many cereals plays a part in obesity, diabetes and cavities.

The food industry is not going to tell you the truth about processed foods, because it makes billions of dollars a year off of the people who eat these foods. Food manufacturers don’t want you to know that instead of cookies and cheesy frozen lasagna you should eat fresh, natural meats, fruits and vegetables to be healthy. But now that you do, you can use this knowledge, apply it to food combining, and have the healthiest possible diet.

Food combining is an eating system where certain types of foods are eaten together and others are not. This is because different types of foods release different digestive enzymes that can counteract each other when your body is trying to digest them.

For example, proteins are acidic and need to be eaten with neutral foods such as greens, carrots and zucchini. Starches like grains and potatoes are alkaline and need to be eaten with neutral foods as well. Food combining treats and cures many common digestive problems such as IBS, ulcerative colitis, and diverticular disease.

By using food combining with fresh unprocessed foods, your body will get the good nutrition it needs while maintaining good health. Don’t let the food industry rob you of good health and good digestion. Eat natural foods in the right combinations and you will be amazed at the difference it makes for you.