How Long Does It Take to Adjust to Probiotics?

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If you’ve been taking probiotics, you may have noticed some changes in your body. Although probiotics are great for helping your digestive and immune systems get healthier and stronger, there can be some side effects including gas, diarrhea or bloating. Probiotics work in a similar way to medications in that it takes your body time to adjust. But how long does that adjustment take?

The adjustment period for probiotics is going to depend on several factors such as the dosage and frequency. The normal maintenance dose for probiotics is between 1 and 15 billion CFU. If you are taking a low dose, such as 3 billion CFU a day, your body should adjust within three to five days.

For higher doses or if you are taking several doses every day, it could take up to ten days. At higher doses you are more likely to experience side effects. If that happens, reduce your dosage or frequency until your body adjusts and increase the amount of probiotics slowly. You can decrease the chances of side effects-by drinking lots of pure water and eating raw vegetables every day.

Eating raw vegetables and drinking plenty of water fits in with another way you can improve your healthy: food combining. If you’ve heard of food combining but are skeptical about it, you need to read Larry’s story.

Larry used to be 75 pounds overweight and he suffered from terrible heartburn. After a healthy diet and an exercise program, he lost the extra weight but continued to feel bloated and sick to his stomach several times a week. What Larry didn’t know was that even though he was eating unprocessed healthy foods, he was eating them in the wrong combinations.

Once he started food combining, within just a few days he was feeling better with no heartburn or bloating. Larry still practices food combining, and not only has he had no digestive complaints, he feels stronger and healthier than ever.

Try food combining for yourself and feel the difference eating right can really make!


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