What Is a Fecal Transplant for Colitis? Is It a Viable Option?

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For those who do not respond well to conventional therapy for colitis, a fecal transplant may be the answer. This unorthodox method of treating intestinal inflammation and infections has been in use since 1958; however, it used to only be performed in cases of life-threatening infections. With today’s medical advances, more and more people suffering from an inflammatory bowel disease are turning to fecal transplants to relieve or cure them. Aside from what is called the “ick” factor, these transplants are an effective and low-risk method of treating colitis.

A fecal transplant, also known as “fecal microbiota therapy,” is a way to restore the normal, healthy balance of bacteria in the colon. Antibiotics or infections can cause this balance to be disturbed, paving the way for other bacteria to cause infections. Even bacteria that is normally harmless in the body, such as Clostridium difficile or C. diff, can multiply out of control and wreck havoc on an otherwise normal colon. Fecal transplants can restore the microbial balance for people with these infections and produce lasting remission for those who suffer from colitis.

In a fecal transplant, stool from a healthy donor is put into the colon of an infected person via a colonoscope or enema. Many people who receive the treatment prefer it to medication therapy, seeing it as being “more natural.” It is also, by comparison, easier and safer than medication therapy. The best part of this therapy is that is very effective: treatment of patients with C. diff has over a 90% success rate. Their diarrhea often went away within just a few days after the initial treatment.

If you are interested in knowing if a fecal transplant is a viable option for you, talk with your doctor about the procedure. The downside to the treatment is that it is currently only performed by a limited number of doctors. In addition, it may not be completely covered by insurance, or not at all. If it is possible for you to have a transplant, however, the chances for the successful remission of your colitis are very good.

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